We’re just a few weeks far from the release of Frictional Games’ most current scary opus, Amnesia: Rebirth, and the designer, while still being coy about specifics, has actually now shared a five-minute gameplay trailer and teased a few of the upgraded mechanics set to horrify at launch.

The atmospheric gameplay trailer promotes itself, revealing simply a small part of lead character Tasi Trianon’s “painful” journey through the Algerian desert in the 1930s. Over on the PlayStation Blog, nevertheless, Frictional’s imaginative director Thomas Grip has actually shared a little bit more information on how Rebirth updates the systems driving 2010’s well-known Amnesia: The Dark Descent to develop a more contemporary – and more scary – experience.

Frictional’s objective, states Grip, is to efficiently mimic the type of Gothic scary – frequently specified by “susceptible lead characters checking out disturbing environments” – connected with the work of authors like Poe, Stoker, and Lovecraft. To that end, it’s upgraded a few of the initial Amnesia’s most unforgettable mechanics, consisting of lights and peace of mind.

In Rebirth, The Dark Descent’s tinderboxes have actually been changed with matches, partially to much better fit the 1930s period, however likewise since of the gameplay possibilities matches manage. Grip states matches can still be utilized to light up candle lights and lights around the environment – crucial for boosting the sense of expedition – however describes that intriguing options emerge from the truth they’re their own light. Should gamers, for example, burn through their minimal supply to supply light in the minute or should they conserve them to light up lights in the future?

Then there’s the truth that matches blow out if a gamer relocation too rapidly, requiring them to decrease – even while their impulses inform them to do otherwise. Grip states these type of information allow the designer to mimic unforgettable, however completely unscripted, minutes of fear.

A match may stress out all of a sudden, for example, plunging the gamer into darkness. And when they effectively handle to light another, a lumbering monstrosity may have wandered into view of its own accord, unexpectedly brightened inches from the gamer’s face: “A minute right out of a Poe story, however all constructed by vibrant gameplay.”

Basically, do not run.

As for Rebirth’s peace of mind system, it obviously provides a noteworthy advancement of The Dark Descent’s relatively “simplified” variation. According to Grip, the modifications are meant to serve Rebirth both mechanically and narratively, and are now based around a strange illness afflicting Tasi. The more scared she is – from the darkness or from seeing scaries – the even worse her signs end up being, offering gamers a “a lot more visceral factor to appreciate the worry”. What’s more, taking motivation from the slow-burn method to existential scary seen in Frictional’s previous video game SOMA, Tasi’s condition will obviously intensify in time.

Grip likewise keeps in mind that Rebirth’s fear system is fundamentally connected to its “failure” system. While The Dark Descent’s effort – which respawned gamers a brief method back in a little various ecological conditions – was normally reliable, states Grip, it might be quickly gamed, with gamers able to merely charge a danger up until it disappeared.

The impacts of Tasi’s condition end up being more noticable as her worry boosts.

In Rebirth however, worry and failure have tendrils that extend throughout the video game, and will have a long-lasting influence on the experience. “Not just will it threaten the life of [Tasi]”, describes Grip, “however likewise of her enjoyed ones.” This ought to assist develop a “looming sense of fear and… capture that feel of character’s descent down a spiral of misery.”

SOMA was, naturally, an electrifying effort, both scary and exceptionally impacting, yet Grip states the studio thinks it’s handled to make gameplay more carefully support the story this time around, developing a more “meaningful whole” that it hopes will be “simply as impactful as the mind switching remained in SOMA, if not more so.”. Expect a lot of speeding up pulses when Amnesia: Rebirth concerns PC (by means of Steam, GOG, and Epic) and PlayStation 4 on 20th October.