After a 8 year lack.

Second Sight, the cult timeless psychokinetic thriller from TimeSplitters designer Free Radical Design, has actually re-appeared on Steam after an eight-year lack.

First launched 2004, Second Sight casts gamers as a parapsychology scientist who wakes in a strange medical center without any memory of his past. On the benefit, he’s now imbued with a gradually broadening toolbox of psychic powers – consisting of telekinesis, forecast, and ownership – which show especially beneficial as gamers stealth and shoot their method towards the fact.

“A crucial active ingredient in [Second Sight’s] success is its appealing idea, which comes layered with a gratifying narrative structure and trustworthy characters,” composed GamingOverpowered in its 8/10 evaluation back in 2004. “Factor in Free Radical’s hallmark attention to information and immediately pleasing controls and it’s a video game you can’t assist however be drawn to.”

Second Sight – Intro Movie.

Second Sight, which was initially released by Codemasters, disappeared from Steam toward the end of 2012. However, THQ Nordic snaffled up the rights as part of its ceaseless IP hoovering back in 2018, and its reemergence on Steam is the publisher’s doing.

There’s no suggestion that the re-release is anything more than the version previously available on Steam, however those excited for a bit of an old-school psychokinetic reward can now purchase Second Sight for a completely sensible £7.99.