There’s been criticism this Fortnite season has actually been excessive of a Marvel ad, that the video game’s very first crossover fight pass was excessive crossover with insufficient Fortnite beneath. But after the fireworks of tonight’s season ending, and with all the video game’s Marvel affects relatively deformed out of the method, Epic has actually left its video game on a massive cliffhanger, and definitively proceeded Fortnite’s own internal story.

Let’s wrap-up. Throughout the season, Marvel world gobbler Galactus has actually been looming ever more detailed, attracted by the temptation of a yummy treat on Fortnite’s all-powerful Zero Point. (That’s the glossy orb thing which utilized to live under the old map’s Loot Lake, and which relatively conceals below this brand-new map, too.)

Last time around Fortnite’s servers struck capability at 12 million gamers – so showing up an hour early was urged tonight.

Tonight’s live occasion, which appears to have actually gone technically efficiently, brought Galactus bearing down on Fortnite’s world in a scripted series including voiced cameos from Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine. You were the star of the program, talented a jetpack by Tony Stark then deformed within a fight bus rigged with dynamites. The strategy? Drive at Galactus. Don’t miss out on.

So followed a set of fancy on-rails series where you utilized the bus to shoot down rockets while Iron Man quipped in the background, then after a push from Thor drove along Galactus’ huge surface area – a clear riff on a Death Star trench run – till you remained in position. With that, it was farewell to Iron Man (“we had some laughs best?!”) and farewell to whatever Marvel, as Galactus took off and all trace of that universe seemed conveniently deformed house.


Cut to black, and after that… well, you were back in a familiar-looking workplace, which comes from a familiar-looking John Jones. Previously checked out in the video game’s last huge live occasion, this 4th wall-breaking location seems another world totally, one where a workplace of fit workers tries to keep the fight royale island’s residents from breaking out of the looped truth they remain in. Last time around, Jones appeared to have the circumstance under control – a minimum of till one character appeared to get away the simulation for great. This time around? Jones was out cold on his back, and it was panic stations all around.

And with that, it truly was completion – with some huge concerns hanging open for whatever follows. What truth will the next season occur in? What state was the Island left in after Galactus removed its Zero Point? Is the Fortnite simulation even still running?

Fortnite now beings in just its 2nd ever duration of prolonged downtime – though it’ll be much shorter than in 2015’s 2 day-long great void. The video game will return tomorrow early morning, UK time.

In the meantime, there is a lot for Fortnite fans to analyze. This brand-new map’s Zero Point has actually been exposed, and it was under the Agency the whole time. Iron Man appeared to warp Galactus inside it, in a location initially seen in the video game’s 2018 butterfly live occasion. And with all these shenanigans going on, certainly John Jones is getting fired? Or… not?

Rewatch tonight’s occasion completely listed below: