Seemingly without hacking this time.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s nuclear disarmament cutscene has actually lastly been opened – legally this time, it appears – after 5 years.

Half a years on, fans appear to attained an international tally of no nukes on the video game’s PlayStation 3 variation – which opens the surprise cutscene revealing an event gone to by Snake and his friends.

Of course, this cutscene has actually been seen prior to. It was discovered concealed in the video game around the time of its release, and in fact got opened by mishap in February 2018 on PC, triggering an apology by publisher Konami and a promise to examine.

Exactly why that occurred was never ever formally exposed, though it looked like if a resourceful fan had actually deceived Konami’s servers into believing the PC nuke count was no.

Konami initially set the nuclear disarmament obstacle reside in November 2015, when it detailed the conditions essential. A collective effort on many platforms then followed to minimize the variety of nukes around the world – however total disarmament was never ever attained.

So, what’s next then? World peace for more platforms? Well, it’s not all excellent news. Despite striking an international overall of no nukes on PS3 a couple of days back, stat tracker MGS5 Nuke Watcher states that number has actually now increased once again to 45. The defend peace is never ever over.