During a function discussion this night, Square Enix exposed the most recent growth for the vast Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. Endwalker is coming this fall. That’s right. This year!

A teaser trailer briefly dipped into a variety of story beats including a warrior of light and completion of the world. Again! While lots of JRPGs just have space to chart completion of the world when, a MMORPG provides the group space to have a world ending occasion two times! The level cap is likewise increasing from 80 to 90 to assist in the unbelievable trip to the moon. Yep. That’s where we’re going, to conserve the world. Current story information are light, however that’s the strategy!

Endwalker includes 2 brand-new tasks. If you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy XIV, tasks resemble classes however you can move in between them at will. Hence, you have the ability to play lots of “classes” on a single character without needing to produce brand-new ones. At today’s discussion, just one of the brand-new tasks was exposed. That task is a brand-new therapist type, the Sage. Sage includes aether-imbued weapons that swirl and spin around the character as it utilizes capabilities in fight. These weapons are called Nouliths, and are brand-new to the franchise. Sages start their professions at level 70, and you require to own the Endwalker growth to produce them. Check out some Sage gameplay listed below!

The discussion likewise let gamers understand that a brand-new melee damage class was likewise coming, however did not expose the class. Feel totally free to hypothesize!

The previous growth, Shadowbringers, wowed me with marvelous looking employer fights and an amazing soundtrack. I likewise valued the capability to play the video game as a single-player RPG experience, even taking advantage of NPC allies to handle the dungeons that a person would generally require to put together a celebration for. Over the years, I believe that Final Fantasy XIV has actually ended up being the very best Final Fantasy title duration in the last years, whether you wish to engage with the MMO parts.

“Shadowbringers is the very best growth yet for Square Enix’s MMORPG, a world that comes alive in the gamer’s hands, with weight and gravitas moving you through every whimsical corner,” I stated in my Game Informer evaluation. “Old-made mission style and color-dodging fight include a dull tint to a genuinely wonderful landscape, however those flaws can’t keep down the scale and scope of outstanding environments, grand managers, and marvelous music.”

Expansions for Final Fantasy XIV have actually included a lot to the video game given that its release, and there are more statements to come for Endwalker. Have you attempted Final Fantasy XIV? Do you still play? Will the Sage bring you back? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!