Hot on the heels of a stock upgrade to considerably increase the stash limitation, Fallout 76 is because of get another upgrade – and a number of actually substantial enhancements to UNIQUE characteristics and CAMPs.

The initially of these is a modification to how UNIQUE characteristics work, presenting a method for gamers to rapidly and quickly reset their develop. The blog post discusses that as soon as a gamer has actually reached level 25, they will have the ability to gain access to SPECIAL Loadouts which permit you to reboot all of your UNIQUE points free of charge. All you’ll require to do is head to your CAMP, where you can produce and change between custom loadouts. Here’s what that looks like:

But perhaps even more significantly, the next update will introduce a way for players to produce and save multiple CAMPs. Previously, players could only have one CAMP, meaning they’d have to scrap it and rebuild if they wanted to try something new. Going forwards, Fallout 76 will allow you to build multiple different CAMPs “each with its own location, build budget, custom-made name, and even a unique map icon”. You can still only have one active CAMP at a time, but it adds some flexibility and opens up new creative options for players. In theory, it should also solve the age-old problem of joining a server only to find someone else’s CAMP in the location of your own (the dreaded “CAMP cannot be placed” notification). Simply pick one of your CAMPs with a different location, and you’re good to go.

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To make it easy to sell things no matter which CAMP you pick, vending machines will offer a large pool of item slots “that are shared for every instance”, so you won’t have to manually remove those items from one CAMP to put them on sale in another. Display cases, however, will be unique to each CAMP.

On top of all this, the blog details a new and improved aim assist setting for controller users, sliders to allow batch crafting, melee attack improvements, and an expansion to Daily Ops (including a new mode called decryption). All these improvements are set to hit the Public Test Server at the end of next week, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the upgrade is rolled out to all servers.


So far the news seems to be going down extremely well with the community, and particularly among building enthusiasts. Some have theorised it might also bring in extra money for Bethesda by providing a solution to the “I’d buy this however there’s no room in my camp” issue. A win for everybody, I expect?