In an illuminating series of tweets, Fall Guys designer Mediatonic has actually exposed that, as part of its early anti-cheat efforts, it was covertly banishing unsavoury sorts to fight it out together on an unique Cheater Island – however that a more robust anti-cheat service is can be found in its next upgrade.

As the authorities (and spicy) Fall Guys Twitter account discusses it, Mediatonic introduced its knockabout blockbuster with its own anti-cheat security system that, at first a minimum of, simply resided in the background, determining, however not yet prohibiting, those participated in illegal practices.

Once the designer was particular all was ideal which the system wasn’t producing incorrect flags, it silently introduced Fall Guys Cheater island, which is refers to as “a wonderful location where cheaters might gladly complete versus themselves for the Cheater’s Crown,” prior to clarifying, “Literally simply a typical crown however polluted with a hollow sensation of regret and remorse”.

The brief variation of Mediatonic’s longer story is that, with time, it started to change its anti-cheat limit so that verified cheaters would be flagged and after that, throughout matchmaking for their next video game, zipped into the line for Cheater Island, where an extremely lop-sided fight waited for.

Unfortunately for Mediatonic’s devilish plan (however thankfully for everybody else), there just weren’t adequate cheaters around at any one time to occupy the secret island with the 40 gamers needed to start a match. In these circumstances, Fall Guys rather caught cheaters forever within the video game’s preliminary matchmaking ‘falling’ series, indicating anybody that suffered “falling permanently” remained in many cases exposing themselves to be cheaters.

Delightfully, nevertheless, Mediatonic reports that recently “something interesting took place”, which the extremely first circumstances of a Cheater Island match was set off. Since then, a variety of videos apparently illustrating the humorous slapstick rubbish of a lot of cheaters obliviously all attempting to out-cheat each other have appeared online however as Mediatonic yields, the mayhem of the videos, out of context, makes Fall Guys look bad – so Cheater Island is, unfortunately, no more.

That does not imply an end to Mediatonic’s efforts to fight unfaithful in Fall Guys, nevertheless, and the designer has actually revealed it will be carrying out Epic’s anti-cheat service in its next upgrade. “Our cheat detection system was excellent,” it discusses, “however we had not anticipated numerous gamers… and we had no concept the lengths that some gamers would go to cheat”.

The initially fruits of this collaboration will release in Fall Guys’ upcoming Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus upgrade, which likewise presents the much-teased Yeetus. More of which, states Mediatonic, will be exposed quickly. Until then, the full Fall Guys story of Cheater Island is an enjoyable read.