Fall Guys is the fight royale video game we didn’t believe we required, however it’s the one that caught our hearts anyhow. With its Mario Party-design minigames and charming (yet likewise a little scary) jelly beans, it’s simple to see why this online title took the crown in the video gaming neighborhood. Unfortunately, like with numerous online video games, cheaters are an issue and the devs over at Mediatonic had an imaginative option for them up until all of it crashed down into a huge load of confusion. 

While the group is including the exact same substantial anti-cheat that Fortnite utilizes in the coming weeks, the battle versus hackers didn’t come out of no place. Since launch, a variety of cheaters have actually taken control of the fight royale video game, and the in-game anti-cheat system went through a number of significant developments. With the modifications made to how the devs approached anti-cheat, Mediatonic required to Twitter to expose a few of the options they have actually developed in the past, consisting of a Cheater Island that sounded terrific in theory. 

According to the studio, Cheater Island was a “wonderful location where cheaters might gladly complete versus themselves for the Cheater’s Crown.” Sounds like humorous karma, right? Well, sure – in theory – however it didn’t rather exercise that method in reality. 

The above Twitter thread continued into what was called “the Rise and Fall of Cheater Island,” mentioning that they had adequate information to identify who was unfaithful, however the information wasn’t equating properly over into this produced hacker limbo. Because the Cheater Island gamer count continued to check out 0 regardless of the quantity of hackers increasing, the group continued to decrease the limit worrying their in-game cheat detection. 

Due to the reduced limit in an effort to prevent mislabeling a gamer as a cheater, there weren’t adequate gamers being spotted to fill a whole Cheater Island server, indicating that those captured would be stuck in an unlimited falling loop that is the video game’s load screen. This signed up as a bug, not a function, and turmoil followed. 

For any gamer that “crossed the limit,” they were then identified as a cheater, providing an opportunity to see what got them tagged and to inform other hackers and to prevent detection in the future. 

Cheaters, as soon as conscious, started to pool together to bypass this detection tool. Some would discover workarounds with the family-sharing functions presented into the video game, while others would bury themselves in a group of non-cheating pals. This triggered the dev group to modify their Cheater Island limits again, which appeared to be the ‘3rd time is the beauty’ minute. 

Until it wasn’t. 

Many gamers appeared to discover themselves in scenarios that looked like Cheater Island without having the ability to inform for sure. Fall Guys enthusiasts were requiring to the Reddit boards to share clips of unusual matches that seemed Cheater Island without real verification. This triggered the video game’s online forums to end up being aflame with confusion as gamers attempted to recognize if they were playing the vanilla video game or stuck in a hacker hell. 

Eventually, the confusion ended up being excessive and Mediatonic shut Cheater Island down for great. Now a more standard system remains in location for those tagged as cheaters, rather disabling their capability to login to the video game at all.

The anti-cheat detection exists presently, however it’s refraining from doing enough. This is commonly obvious on Reddit and Twitter alike as a growing number of clips revealing speed hackers making their method shamelessly to the crown are being exposed. 

Luckily, there is a huge upgrade coming quickly that will revamp their whole method to those that can’t appear to simply play a video game generally. Coincidentally, this upgrade is likewise introducing together with a brand-new function called the Big Yeetus, which is truthfully simply poetic at this moment. 

Yeet the cheaters into the sun, simply not on Cheater Island. The upgrade called “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus” is set to show up here in the next couple of weeks.