Additional loads likewise verified.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination, the Rebellion-established follow up to Elixir Studios’ cult-classic management sim, lastly pertains to PC on 30th March – and in the run-up to launch, Rebellion has actually shared early information of its post-launch material strategies.

For those requiring a fast refresher, the initial Evil Genius launched back in 2004 (its designer, Elixir Studios, was established by previous Lionhead and Bullfrog alumni Demis Hassabis), casting gamers as global supervillains intent on worldwide supremacy.

In the broadest of terms, it’s a video game of base structure and minion management, offering gamers the tools required to take an underground burrow for their atrocious machinations and safeguard it from do-gooders identified to prevent their wicked plans. There’s rather a lot more to it than that obviously, and a few of its subtleties are detailed in Rebellion’s amusing brand-new trailer listed below.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Cinematic Trailer.

Of more interest to those currently offered on Rebellion’s spruced-up, modernised follow up is news of the designer’s post-launch strategies, which will consist of a mix of complimentary and paid material.

So far, Rebellion has actually verified a project pack is on the method, including a brand-new island burrow, a brand-new Force of Justice, and a brand-new playable Genius (the base video game consists of 4). “Across other packs we’ll likewise present brand-new henchmen, minion types, space types, traps, products and more,” it describes in its latest post, with extra information due to get here “quickly after launch”.