Season 7 of Apex Legends launches next week, and in advance of the huge launch, we got to hang around with some behind-the-scenes material to see what the future holds. Here are the incredible functions on the horizon for Respawn’s multiplayer online shooter.

Olympus Is Apex Legends’ Most Ambitious Map Yet

That unknown drifting item simply beyond the Kings Canyon Airbase has actually been exposed. Pack your things, champs! We’re going to Olympus – a flying metropolitan area that ignores the world Psamathe. Olympus is bigger than Kings Canyon and smaller sized than World’s Edge. Nevertheless, the city is teeming with lively shopping mall, luxurious estates, commercial docks, and glass high-rise buildings. There’s likewise the Rift, an area that will likely draw your attention the minute you fill into a match. The Rift is a big, unsteady singularity that gamers can utilize to teleport themselves to pick places throughout the map. With a range of architectural structures, interconnected highways, and deathpits that result in the celestial void listed below, Olympus brings brand-new visuals and level mechanics that are bound to impress.

The Trident Can Get You To Points Of Interest Quickly

Yes, unrestricted sprinting is a true blessing in its own right – specifically when you think about how extensive Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are. However, a car bridges the space for those aggravating scenarios when your legs are just not quick enough. You understand: narrow leaves, third-party efforts, ring rotations, and so on. The Trident, a three-seater hover cruiser, uses speedy navigation and the possible to counter long-range playstyles. If you’re feeling daring, you can release a selection of legend-specific products on the Trident’s back or forward platforms. Set up Rampart’s minigun on the Trident and slaughter opponent groups with a flurry of bullets or, if you’re in a hazardous state of mind (pun meant), play as Caustic and connect a lot of his poisonous traps to the car so you can motor around Olympus like some high-speed stinkbug.

Horizon Prioritizes Mobility & Crowd-Control

If you haven’t currently heard the news, Horizon will be signing up with the fray in Season 7. Unlike Season 6’s Rampart  (whose success depends upon holding angles and inhabiting choke points with her huge minigun), Horizon’s capabilities provide her and her group a frightening positional edge. Horizon’s passive, Spacewalk, minimizes fall effect so that she’s never ever at a downside when assailing her opponents from above. Her tactical capability, Gravity Lift, raises colleagues upwards so that they can be positioned on high ground. However, creative Horizon gamers will utilize Gravity Lift to separate downed foes from their squadmates and protected eliminates. Lastly, her supreme, Black Hole, loads a terrible punch. Horizon’s great void pulls gamers towards it (believe Zarya’s Graviton Surge in Overwatch). Black Hole has the possible to result in simple team wipes, however don’t stress: Respawn is striving to stabilize it come launch day.

You Can Create Or Join A Clan With The Clubs Feature

In action to the tensions of having fun with random, unconcerned colleagues, Respawn is executing Clubs so that you can develop large-form neighborhoods of as much as 30 individuals. You can just belong to one club at a time, however this is implied to help in reducing feed mess. If you decide to develop your own club, you can set the group name and get to work personalizing a main logo design. The discomforts of soloing are now a distant memory.

The Battle Pass Has Been Revamped

The Season 7 Battle Pass got some quality-of-life updates that make development a more structured procedure. Instead of waiting to return to the lobby and scrolling to the obstacles menu, you’ll have the ability to see your obstacle tracker on the best side of the video game screen at all times. During matches, close-to-completed obstacles will appear so that you can keep tabs on your goals and level up your Battle Pass at a much faster, less invasive rate. Of course, there will be brand-new famous cosmetics (Octane and Wraith’s brand-new getups are standouts) in addition to a level-100 vibrant skin for the fan-favorite R-99 SMG. Yes, that’s right:

The R-99 Is Finally Back In Rotation

The cherished SMG makes its victorious go back to the battleground. Respawn’s stunning choice to make the R-99 an uncommon care bundle weapon throughout Season 6 totally altered the loadout meta; the weapon’s mid- and short-range adaptability made it a popular choice for competitive and casual gamers alike. The intro of the Volt SMG filled deep space by boasting comparable damage numbers with lower vertical recoil. Now that the R-99 is back, gamers will have more than one dependable close-combat gun to pick from. Unfortunately, this amazing upgrade comes at an expense: The Prowler SMG is slated to end up being the latest care bundle weapon. For those people that frequently utilize the Prowler, there is a silver-lining: At least we won’t need to lose time looking for those irritatingly evasive selectfire receivers.

Apex Legends’ Season 7 drops on November 4. In addition to ultimately launching on Switch and Steam, Apex Legends will be offered for next-gen consoles on launch day.