Home News ESA Releases Statement Regarding Konami’s Decision To Back Out Of E3 2021

ESA Releases Statement Regarding Konami’s Decision To Back Out Of E3 2021

ESA Releases Statement Regarding Konami’s Decision To Back Out Of E3 2021

Previously, Konami verified that it has “a variety of crucial tasks” in the works to show fans, however the business has actually chosen to sign up with Nintendo, EA, Sony, and more in the choice to avoid E3 2021. Following the verification of another business missing out on from the now-digital display (due to COVID-19), the ESA has actually provided its own declaration. 

“Due to timing, we will not be all set to provide at E3 this year,” checks out the initial statement from Konami. “We wish to assure our fans that we remain in deep advancement on a variety of crucial tasks, so please remain tuned for some updates in the coming months. While we are not participating this year, we have fantastic regard for the ESA and we understand that 2021 will be an excellent success. We will continue to support the ESA and want the very best to all individual’s in this year’s program.” 

Given that the business’s participation was formerly verified by Konami itself, the declaration riled up discussion focusing around the continued development of E3 and what the future appear like for the video gaming occasion. The ESA reacted with its own declaration, supplied to Game Informer, stating, “We support our partner Konami’s choice to not take part in E3 this year and are delighted to see what they’ll be revealing in the future when they’re all set to do so. We can’t await their go back to E3 2022, however in the meantime, we eagerly anticipate sharing all of the highly-anticipated exposes, programs therefore far more at this year’s E3.”

While we do not understand for sure what Konami has in the works, there have actually been reports swirling for many years now that a brand-new Silent Hill video game is on the method, in spite of Hideo Kojima’s departure. While the neighborhood continues to hypothesize what might be next for the studio, it appears like we’ll have a couple of more months to wait to see anything verified. 

Regarding E3 2021, the upcoming occasion will be digital to comply with health and wellness issues while the COVID-19 vaccine continues to end up being increasingly more readily available. The display will be going on from June 12 up until June 15. 

What are your ideas on the existing state of E3 and the growing list of studios that are not participating in? Thoughts on the ESA’s reaction? Sound off in the remark area listed below! Feel complimentary to likewise share a few of your own theories on what you believe Konami is presently dealing with. 


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