Home News EA is selling FIFA 21 cosmetics outside loot boxes for the first time • GamingOverpowered.com

EA is selling FIFA 21 cosmetics outside loot boxes for the first time • GamingOverpowered.com

EA is selling FIFA 21 cosmetics outside loot boxes for the first time • GamingOverpowered.com

EA is offering FIFA 21 cosmetics outside loot boxes for the very first time.

The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team shop was upgraded today, first May, to consist of a brand-new Stadium tab. You can purchase a tifo, an arena style, and a brand-new house and away set separately, or all readily available products in a package.

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These cosmetics are readily available direct purchase, which is the very first time EA has actually done this. Previously, cosmetics might just be made through goals or by means of Ultimate Team’s questionable loot boxes.

However, there are a variety of problems here. The initially is the expense. A tifo can be purchased for 150 FIFA Points (around £1.20), an arena style can be purchased for 200 FIFA Points (around £1.75), and the packages cost 300 FIFA Points (around £2.50). The package, that includes whatever, expenses 700 FIFA Points (simply shy of £6).

Alternatively, you can purchase these products with FUT Coins (the in-game currency you make through playing), however once again, the products appear overpriced. A single tifo expenses 11,500 FUT Coins. That’s a lot when you think about a premium gold pack loot box, which costs 150 FIFA Points – the like the single tifo if you were to purchase it with real-world cash – additionally costs 7500 FUT Coins.


The arena style expenses 15,000 FUT Coins, and among the packages expenses 25,000 FUT Coins. The package costs an eye-watering 60,000 FUT Coins, which is more than a prime gold gamers pack (45,000 FUT Coins or 600 FIFA Points). Remember, the package just consists of 4 cosmetics: the tifo, arena style and house and away packages – and they’re quite underwhelming cosmetics, too.


These arena products are tradeable on the transfer market, so I took a look to see just how much they were opting for. Hilariously, gamers are currently offering these products for less FUT Coins than EA is. I’ve seen the arena style with a buy now cost of 7600 FUT Coins:


And individuals are offering the tifo for simply 5600 FUT Coins – less than half EA’s cost:


Players are likewise offering the packages for numerous thousand less FUT Coins on the transfer market:


Of note: you can just get among each arena product pack or package from the FUT Store. Once you get that pack or package, it will no longer appear in the shop for you.

Also of note: you would wind up with a replicate product if you purchased a private arena product pack and later on got the package. You would likewise wind up with a replicate if you purchased among the cosmetics from the transfer market and after that purchased the very same cosmetic from the shop, although I’m not exactly sure why anybody would do that.

It’s an intriguing advancement for FIFA and EA, and comes at a time when the football franchise is under increasing pressure from federal governments and charities over its loot boxes, which have actually been called exploitative and similar to betting.

This week, EA rejected it was “pressing” FIFA gamers to invest cash on loot boxes after a “video gaming expert” dripped marketing files to a mainstream publication. However, a GamingOverpowered analysis of EA’s declaration revealed a variety of problems with the business’s claims.

In a post on its website, EA stated these arena loads and packages are just readily available throughout a minimal window of time (this present deal just lasts for 2 days), however might be contributed to the FUT Store “at numerous times”, which recommends to me more cosmetics will be offered in the future.

Perhaps this brand-new capability to purchase cosmetics recommends EA is lastly happy to fine-tune FIFA’s organization design. I’ve long required EA to stop offering loot boxes for real-world cash and switch to a fight pass system for Ultimate Team. As I composed in our FIFA 21 evaluation:

“Did EA not get the fight pass memo or something? Did Fortnite pass the studio by? FIFA 21 has season development, which appears like it wishes to be a fight pass, however it seems like EA took out of the deal with due to the fact that it was terrified of getting hurt. Get rid of pay-to-win loot boxes and offer an exceptional fight pass. Sell worthless products. Sell events. Sell packages. Sell gamer hairstyles, for all I care. EA Sports’ well-known tagline is ‘it remains in the video game’. Well, it’s time to take pay-to-win out – and put an appropriate fight pass in.”

All eyes now rely on FIFA 22. Will basic modifications to Ultimate Team’s monetisation be taken into location for the video game?


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