As assured, Techland has actually provided a brand-new Dying Light 2 upgrade after fan issue struck an all-time high over concerns that the title will never ever see release. Following current work culture accusations and the position of silence concerning any news, the future of Dying Light 2 has actually felt grim. Now, a brand-new upgrade is here with the hopes of a 2021 launch, though none of the discussion we were wanting to see about what’s going on behind closed doors.

The video is little and addresses the general objective for the business concerning the video game’s launch. Lead designer Tymon Smektala started the designer upgrade, informing fans that their “trust and assistance” is what continually encourages the studio, “particularly now when the scenarios are tough for everybody.” A couple of various devs then checked out some aggressive tweets from fans, which triggered the ask for interested gamers to be client. 

“This is a substantial and complicated job and we required time to make certain it will measure up to our vision,” states Techland in the above video. “All people here are putting our hearts into providing a video game that you will keep betting months. We will be prepared to begin discussing Dying Light 2 extremely, soon.”

A percentage of gameplay video footage is likewise displayed prior to the video ultimately ends with a 2021 time frame endscreen. 

While some might be delighted by even the tiniest upgrade, it is frustrating to see that management didn’t take this chance to talk more about a comprehensive brand-new report from The Gamer. In this report, a comprehensive account of the last couple of years painted a grim photo of what the expert culture resembles there. A high turnover rate and an absence of trust were the least of the uneasy habits shown in the report, and the accusations versus the studio’s CEO, Pawel Marchewka. To discover more, you can have a look at our previous protection here with subtlety surrounding accusations of slurs, nepotism, and a viewed violent tone concerning management. 

This video would have been the best possibility to resolve those issues and to offer a bigger voice to the designers that needed to check out the reacting criticism once a few of what has actually decreased behind-the-scenes went public. A missed out on chance, however the studio did a minimum of offer an advancement upgrade as assured. 

For now, we do not understand what remains in shop for Dying Light 2 and the group behind it aside from a 2021 release date is the supreme objective. It’s been a long, rocky roadway to get to this point, however what has actually been shared so far is appealing, particularly concerning the innovative instructions Techland went when leaning into a more choice-based world.