Dragon Ball FighterZ gets Super Baby 2 as a DLC character on 15th January 2021, Bandai Namco has actually revealed.

Meanwhile, the last FighterZ Pass 3 character for Arc System Works’ incredibly combating video game is Gogeta (SS4).

The brand-new trailer listed below flaunt Super Baby 2 in action.

For the inexperienced, Super Baby 2 is the supreme state of Baby Vegeta, which itself stems from Baby, the last survivor of the Truffle race who’s hell bent on eliminating the Saiyans. Baby is the primary villain of the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball Z follow-up anime Dragon Ball GT.

Gogeta, on the other hand, is the blend of Goku and Vegeta. SS4 describes his Super Saiyan 4 state.

That’s that for the FighterZ Pass 3, with Kefla included February 2020, Ultra Instinct Goku in May prior to Master Roshi came out in September. Will there be a 4th character pass? Bandai Namco has yet to state.