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Dragon Age 4: Who Is Sandal And Where The Heck Is He?!

Dragon Age 4: Who Is Sandal And Where The Heck Is He?!

Sandal is an odd dwarf initially presented in Dragon Age: Origins. Under the care of Bodan, a fellow dwarf that discovered Sandal in the Deep Roads, this mystical character has actually been at the center of intrigue considering that his intro. He likewise predicted the occasions in Dragon Age Inquisition throughout side discussion heard in Dragon Age II, a huge spoiler that nobody acknowledged as such at the time. He was a big part of the very first 2 video games, though he all however disappeared when the 3rd Thedas experience showed up. In Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC, he was notably missing out on since his huge foreshadowing in the previous video game while he was residing in Kirkwall. With all that being stated, I have one huge concern for BioWare entering into Dragon Age 4: Where the heck is Sandal?!

Sandal Feddic is quickly among the most mystical figures you satisfy while conserving the world. His participation in the video games is stealthily simple, concealing a much deeper secret that connects him to the Deep Roads, the Blight, and potentially even the ancient elven gods. Before we dive too deep into where in Thedas is Sandal Feddic, let’s very first provide some more backstory on this character’s influence on the BioWare franchise. 

There are spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and Inquisition within this short article. Read with care. 

Who is Sandal in Dragon Age? 

As pointed out, he’s an odd dwarf with really little to state beyond varying degrees of “Enchantment!” But when he does break from his normal vocabulary? It indicates something. First presented in Dragon Age Origins, our dear Warden comes across Bodan and Sandal beyond Lothering. Under attack by Darkspawn, the ooglies booglies of the below-ground Deep Roads, the gamer can conserve them and bring them back to camp. Calling him his “sweet kid,” Bodan provides a little insight into who this character is, though it emerges rapidly that his origins are unidentified. 

After ‘conserving’ Sandal from the Deep Roads when he was a simple 5 years of ages, deep below the old Aeducan Thaig, the set of overshadows rapidly fell under a father/son relationship.  What’s intriguing about this encounter is that Bodan discovers Sandal in the middle of a wide variety of art work and homages made to the past on the walls of the ancient Thaig. Elves and dragons are the most instant representations discovered, however other lesser-known beasts can likewise be seen. We’ll get to this a bit later on, however keep that in mind for today. 

During the very first encounter for this duo, it is clear that Sandal has some kind of Blight connection, just like the Grey Wardens have when combating to secure the world. For Grey Wardens, this indicates they have actually consumed darkspawn blood, which manages a taint that safeguards them from a speedy death, however at the expense of a reduced life-span as that corruption gradually consumes them alive. It’s not described what Sandal’s connection to the darkspawn is when we initially satisfy him, however it’s clear straight off of the bat that he’s more than simply an easy dwarf. 

Hawke and team later on meet both Sandal and Bodan in Dragon Age II, ultimately using the set to operate in the Amell estate. His “Enchantment”-driven enjoyment rollovers into the 2nd video game, once again setting him approximately be an important resource for all things runes and crafting for our lead character. 

More than simply a dwarf

In Dragon Age Origins, Sandal was an appealing character. In Dragon Age II, he ended up being an essential one. When Hawke initially meets him in the 2nd act of the video game in their estate, Sandal mentions something more ominous taking place behind the scenes. When the gamer goes to speak to him within the Amell estate, Sandal opens by stating that a “frightening old woman” informs him “bad things” within his head. This was more than his normal one-word reaction, and it’s not the last time that Sandal stated something prophetic and extensive. Who this “old woman” is, stays to be seen, however it would not be improbable to presume he’s speaking of Flemmeth, who we later on discover in Inquisition is the elven goddess Mythal. 

Speaking of prediction, he likewise blatantly informs Dragon Age fans what we now understand to be part of the facility of Dragon Age 4. Towards the latter half of the 2nd video game, he inexplicably informs Hawke, “One day, the magic will return. All of it. Everyone will be similar to they were. The shadows will part, and the skies will widen.”  He then includes, “When he increases, everybody will see.” At the time, this simply appeared like useless chatter, however after the occasions of Inquisition – particularly the Trespasser DLC – we now understand that he was informing us something much more crucial: the occasions that will lead us into Dragon Age 4. 

The last recognized place of this stack of secret is Orlais, where he and Bodan left after the occasions of Dragon Age II to assist Empress Celene. 

Sandal never ever made his predicted look in the 3rd video game, however his impact might be felt with the last DLC. At completion of the Inquisition, the Inquisitor’s buddy Solas simply vanishes. The last scene of the primary video game sees Solas relying on Mythal after his viewed failure, to which she accepts permit him to soak up all of her souls (Dragon Age tradition is incredibly enjoyable). Given that she has the soul of an archdemon ingrained in her also, this provides him a lot of power. We get see that power in action when we meet him once again as part of the conclusion to the Trespasser DLC where we discover his real nature: Solas is the Dread Wolf, the trickster elven god from Dalish legend. He exposes to the Inquisitor that he was the developer of the Veil that separates this world and the next and swears to “restore what as soon as was.” What as soon as was, according to Solas, was a world where the elven ruled, often viciously, and magic was as natural as breathing. 

Though not Sandal himself, an Easter egg about this character was discovered throughout the occasions of Trespasser when the Inquisitor discovers a book entitled The Very Private Diary of Sanda Feddic, DO NOT READ!!!! Because our dear Inquizzy does not truly follow instructions, they read it anyhow, just to discover the term “Enchantment” duplicated over and over. 

Theory time

The most typical fan theory surrounding Sandal is that he’s really an Old God, an element that is really greatly meant being an essential point of the franchise for the approaching video game. With Dragon Age 4 taking gamers to locations we have actually become aware of however have yet to take a trip to, such as Tevinter, Antiva, and Nevarra, BioWare has actually teased that Solas’ mission will awaken old powers and even older opponents. This is the theory that I discover myself leaning towards the most, due to the fact that despite the fact that he appears simple, he’s exceptionally lucid when it matters. After all, Sandal cautioned Bodan, at the childhood of 5, of the coming darkspawn when they initially fulfilled. When Hawke recuperates him in the Deep Roads, he’s seen securely along with a frozen huge troll. When asked how Sandal did that, he just responded, “BOOM.” 

It’s clear he has a present with lyrium, a compound that mages and templars alike utilize for their powers. In the Descent DLC in Inquisiton, we discover of the Titans, an ancient force far within the Deep Roads. Valta, a dwarf that we meet in this growth, reconnects to an awoken Titan and ends up being “Pure.” She can hear the “tune” of the lyrium, which we discover is really the blood of a Titan and not simply a strange mineral, and ends up being attuned to the Titan in such a way that strips her of what she was pre-connection. I keep in mind playing through this DLC and having a couple of puzzle pieces form thinking, “That’s Sandal! That might describe Sandal!” I do not understand if he’s an Old God, however I do, at least, believe he is Pure, which is why he is apparently so lyrium-addled when communicating with the remainder of the world. It would likewise describe the apparently random bouts of lucidity and his connection to a world bigger than simply what’s on the surface area. 

There is even a theory that he might be the Maker, though I truly can’t see the benefit in this. That being stated, if this winds up being the million-dollar response, it would make good sense then why the Maker has actually apparently deserted Thedas as this world goes through Hell time and time once again. 

All of this is interesting, however it is essential to keep in mind that David Gaider, an author officially connected to the Dragon Age franchise while at BioWare, pointed out in the past that Sandal was never ever expected to be more than a “joke character.” Gaider said previously, “There was a point truly late in DA2, we did DA2 in a truly brief period of time so we were working truly hard, and as is common for authors, we need to end up prior to anybody else. So we remain in the swimming pool initially, we need to run out the swimming pool initially, so all the cinematic designers and voice recording things can begin to take place. So all our crunch time is taking place in the middle of the job instead of at the end. So right in the middle we get a little punch-drunk and put in things to entertain ourselves, or we go ridiculous.”

He included, “Yeah, and we most likely go ridiculous anyhow. But I was composing Sandal and I put in this, I believe he has a one percent opportunity of providing a prediction. And I keep in mind sitting there going ‘What do I understand about where we’re choosing the franchise that I can be truly unclear about?’ So I put it in, and I keep in mind keeping reading the online forums and it was really pleasing that to have somebody state ‘Yeah, Sandal did this thing, he provided this entire prediction!’ and to have everybody state ‘Nooooo, what are you speaking about, I never ever heard that and I clicked Sandal permanently’. Whether Sandal will ever be more vital to the story, I think we’ll see. Right now with Sandal I simply see him as the impulse strikes me. To appear a little insensitive is an issue of mine, exact same with Serendipity and a number of other characters, often you can accidentally state features of characters that you didn’t mean and you need to be a bit cautious of that, understand what I suggest?”

But if that holds true, why select to enact Sandal’s precise prediction at the end of the 2nd video game? A prediction that lines up precisely with what Solas exposes his strategies to be? Plans that will bring back magic and the elven empire, however will damage the rest of the living and the world beings within it. Was that simply an unclear referral line included for amusement to see the heads of Dragon Age fans spin? It would not be the very first time, it’s why we’re all so addled ourselves. 

I hope that BioWare sees the possible setup with Sandal. While he might have begun as a joke, he has the possible to be a crucial gamer in cases of Dragon Age 4 that nobody saw coming, specifically if the authors enter the Old God instructions. I likewise simply wish to see this little cutie patootie once again, can you truly blame me? 

All of this to state something: Give us back Sandal, you cowards! I’m (jokingly) grimacing in BioWare’s instructions. I hope they feel it.

To discover more about my enormously consumed Dragon Age ideas, you can have a look at my conspiracy theory here where I enter into why I believe Solas actively contaminated himself with Red Lyrium and why I believe we’ll have a Mortalitasi buddy in the approaching video game. 


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