The Game Awards kick off next week and with it comes the event of our preferred titles of the year along with a couple of surprises for fans to delight in. Geoff Keighley has actually been dropping teaser after teaser, consisting of the verification that we’ll be getting a makeover at Dragon Age 4 from BioWare following a substantial principle art expose previously this year. 

While we do not understand what the expose will be; a brand-new trailer, an upgrade from the studio itself following the news of Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson’s departure, or more principle art — we do, a minimum of, understand that something is on the method. 

The teaser dropped on Dragon Age Day, December 4, following BioWare’s release of a couple of narratives teasing what’s next from a few of the video game’s authors. From the comics like Mage Killer and Blue Wraith, to the anthology seen in Tevinter Nights, we understand that the next action of the Dragon Age franchise will include Tevinter greatly, along with Antiva. We even did a deep dive formerly into the possibility that we’ll have a mortalitasi buddy, along with my individual theory that Solas desired to be polluted following the ending of the Trespasser DLC. 

Inquisition, the comics, and the most current book launches all indicate an enormous climax rooted in the land of blood magic, deceptiveness, and slavery. Personally, I’m hoping this implies we’ll get to see returning characters like Fenris and Dorian, and an in-game launching of another among my preferred characters initially seen in the comics: Maeveris. With a concentrate on Antiva, and the principle art that definitely appeared like Zevran’s initial principle art armor, we might be seeing our preferred ex-crow once again also. 

We’ll understand quickly enough what this year’s The Game Awards needs to reveal when the current display goes live next Thursday. What are you hoping to see? Ready to exact vengeance on a certain stupid egg, or are you split like I am between wanting to murder him and romance him again because you too are addicted to pain and suffering? So anyway, comment down in the section below and tell us your hopes and dreams for the upcoming awards reveal.