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Digital Foundry’s guide to PS4 Pro game upgrades • GamingOverpowered.com

Digital Foundry’s guide to PS4 Pro game upgrades • GamingOverpowered.com

The PlayStation 4 Pro upgrades are getting here en masse – to the point where it’s really challenging for us to maintain here at Digital Foundry. We’ll be having a look at as lots of video games as we can, and considering that a number of the improvements are easy resolution increases, we’ve chosen to assembled a recommendation post which contains video analysis and a breakdown of the crucial improvements – and 4K perfectionists can likewise take a look at a buddy post committed to native ultra HD titles.

We’ve moved our workflow on to 4K in order to completely catch precisely what ultra HD suitable formats like PlayStation 4 Pro and PC deal, however YouTube’s high levels of compression makes getting a sense of the upgrade challenging oftentimes. For that factor, we’ve recently launched a Patreon that provides gain access to to whatever we perform in a beautiful ultra HD downloadable format – h.264 at the minute, however we’re presently looking into HEVC for the exact same outstanding quality with much lower download sizes. You can take a look at a sample at digitalfoundry.net.

In addition to covering as lots of PlayStation 4 Pro launches as we can, we’ll likewise be upgrading with pertinent spots that enhance efficiency or include other functions. We’ve just recently exposed that the similarity Watch Dogs 2, Mantis Burn Racing and Deus Ex Mankind Divided had efficiency problems not discovered on the initial PlayStation 4 and we’re pleased to report that spots have actually been released for all of them, resolving our problems. In the case of Mantis Burn Racing, a native 4K at a locked 60Hz is validated and designer VooFoo Studios has actually likewise included HDR assistance too.

We’ll exist these updates in the order that we take a look at them, with the latest protection at the top of the page. We’ve had to split this guide into 2 pages, owing to its quickly swelling size, so here’s the breakdown of titles.

Page 1:

  • Resident Evil 7
  • Steep
  • Gravity Rush 2
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  • Diablo 3
  • Mafia 3
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Farming Simulator 17

Page 2:

  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Final Fantasy 15
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
  • Dishonored 2
  • Hitman
  • Uncharted 4
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3
  • Battlefield 1
  • FIFA 17
  • Paragon

Page 3:

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Overwatch
  • InFamous First Light/Second Sun
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered
  • Skyrim
  • Titanfall 2
  • Batman: Return to Arkham
  • Mantis Burn Racing

Resident Evil 7

  • Resolution: 2240×1260
  • Additional functions: Enhanced lighting
  • HDR: Yes
  • Buy from Amazon

Resident Evil 7 – it’s a terrific game, whether you play it on a standard 2D screen or by means of the marvels of PlayStation VR, however it’s reasonable to state that its PS4 Pro application has actually been rather questionable in the wake of our face-off, exposing a reasonably minor 2240×1260 resolution bump.

It’s not actually a deal-breaker as such since the design of RE7 does not rely a lot on resolution, to the point where the post-process heavy pipeline really makes pixel-counting the Pro variation nearly difficult. There are no geometric edges here you can utilize for a standard framebuffer analysis therefore to bring you the metrics, we got in touch with Capcom straight to make sure precision in our protection.

As things stand though, there is an extra 36 percent of resolution in this title and it’s backed by really subtle tweaks to the lighting design that appear to have actually been brought across from the PC variation of the game. But the genuine concern is the degree to which native 4K resolution really enhances the visual discussion – for that we will turn to the PC variation of the game and we’ll bring you the complete rundown on that in due course.

Here’s the complete rundown on the visual distinctions in between all variations of Resident Evil 7.


  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Additional functions: Enhanced efficiency
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

There’s the sense that Ubisoft entered into the Pro variation of Steep with the best of intents. Boosting resolution would be good, however focusing Pro resources on frame-rate would undoubtedly be the much better bet: doubling frame-rate from the base PS4’s 30fps to a full-fat 60Hz experience would be an authentic game-changer for a high-speed sports title.

Unfortunately, the truth is that Steep signs up with the little however growing assembly of performance-orientated Pro upgrades that stop working to double frame-rate – in spite of the 2.3x increase to GPU power provided by the brand-new hardware. Steep targets 60fps however efficiently opens the frame-rate rather, permitting the engine to run significantly quicker, however still some method except 60fps, rather hiding in 50-55fps area.

It’s titles like this that make us question – why not permit designers the choice to conjure up an HDTV’s 50Hz mode? They’ve all got them, and it’s a technique we frequently utilize in PC video gaming at 4K – a locked 50fps just includes 3.3ms determination per frame, and still looks silky smooth. It likewise decreases GPU requirement considerably and when it comes to titles like this, notorious and others, it might offer a much smoother discussion.

Dave checks out Steep on PS4, Pro and Xbox One – not the most enthusiastic PS4 Pro upgrade, it has to be stated.

Gravity Rush 2

  • Resolution: Geometry-based 4K
  • Additional functions: Downsampling for 1080p screens
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Gravity Rush 2 is an interesting example of how PlayStation designers have gain access to to a variety of paths to 4K resolution, and how attractive outcomes can be attained without having to brute-force out a native 3840×2160 framebuffer. But here’s the important things – pixel-counts expose that the Sony Japan title does certainly solve complete 4K, so what’s going on?

Well, among the strategies offered to game-makers is the capability to create geometry on Pro titles at complete 4K, however keep all other pixel processing at native 1080p. The outcome is super-crisp edges, however surface areas and results run appearance distinctly soft by contrast. It can look rather unusual, however released in titles like Gravity Rush 2 and Bound, the result looks fantastic. Performance does not appear to be jeopardized here, although oddly, shadow quality gets a little downgrade. The shadow waterfall is more aggressive, so lower resolution shadows are visible closer to the video camera.

With super-sampling for 1080p owners completing the bundle, Gravity Rush 2 isn’t precisely a shining example of what the hardware can, however it is a beneficial upgrade for Pro owners.

John and Rich take a seat to go over Gravity Rush 2’s 4K application on PS4 Pro.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Resolution: 1620p
  • Additional functions: Downsampling for 1080p screens
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gotten a questionable PlayStation 4 Pro upgrade with patch 1.50, which appeared to be performing at an aesthetically unimpressive 1440×1620. Horizontal resolution looked terrible, to the point where the base PS4 variation appeared to solve a cleaner image in some situations. As Pro upgrades go, we could not assist however question what the point was – and what level of QA might have been used to the work. It appeared like a borked effort at 1620p checkerboarding.

But there’s excellent news. The just recently launched spot 1.51 provides a substantial visual enhancement. Horizontal resolution perceptually doubles, providing us the complete 2880×1620 we would have enjoyed with from the initial spot. Performance appears to be really close to the base PS4 variation too. So, all’s well that ends well. A Pro upgrade for a year-old game constantly seemed like a really good reward and it was difficult to see the initial release stop working to live up to expectations. Thankfully, this brand-new spot makes Syndicate well worth reviewing.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is much enhanced with its just recently launched spot 1.51.

Diablo 3

  • Resolution: 1080p to 2160p dynamic
  • Additional functions: 1080p super-sampling, ambient occlusion and flower tweaks
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Clearly sign-posted spot notes expose the addition of PlayStation 4 Pro assistance for Diablo 3, with upgrade 1.15 including “4K support” to this popular game. On the face of it, this might indicate anything in a world where Overwatch’s 4K upgrade quantities to little bit more than enhanced texture filtering and a 4K HUD. However, Diablo 3 is a various monster completely. The title utilizes a vibrant resolution on PS4 Pro, changing image clearness based upon how taxing a scene is. So for instance, you get a real native 4K for indoor locations, like the New Tristram pub, and even the Cathedral dungeon without any opponents in sight. A complete local 3840×2160 resolution is the upper bounds on PS4 Pro when confronted with actually standard environments.

With a maelstrom of results and a screen filled with opponents, Diablo 3’s renderer downsize down to 1080p on PS4 Pro. We checked utilizing a level 70 character going through a stressful Nephalem Rift – and it actually represents the lower bounds of what you can anticipate. In practise, that vibrant resolution really rests in between 1080p and 4K for the majority of gameplay – you get 1872p in the centre of New Tristram for instance, and 1728p in the earlier dungeons. Essentially, it scales up and down so flawlessly, and utilizes a swathe of various resolutions that are usually much greater than the requirement PS4’s 1080p. And for Pro users connected to a complete HD display screen – yes, this output is downscaled to 1080p for a much cleaner appearance.

Performance holds up well, with the vibrant scaler primarily locking gameplay to 60fps with just the most small of stutter sneaking in. However, a three-player session with great deals of action on-screen did see the vibrant scaler plunge to 1080p, accompanied by a short-lived drop to 30fps – timeless double-buffer v-sync. A quartet of top-level characters flooding the screen with magic might have an unfavorable effect on efficiency, however in general, we discovered it difficult to shift the frame-rate from the target 60fps.

Other improvements are thin on the ground – we kept in mind enhancements to ambient occlusion and a more impactful flower result. However, it’s the manner in which the resolution increase takes advantage of Blizzard’s elaborate art work that actually offers this Pro application. It’s a gorgeous game and if you’ve not played it, it’s well worth an appearance. As things stand, the game’s offered in the current PSN sale for £15.99 – more affordable than lots of retail and online shops and an appealing proposal for Pro owners.

A welcome return to the world of Diablo 3, where the PS4 Pro hands in some outstanding enhancements over the base PlayStation 4 title.

Mafia 3

  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Additional functions: 1080p super-sampling, small shadow quality, movement blur and draw range tweaks
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Mafia 3’s PS4 Pro spot is another example of bad messaging – have a look at the spot notes and there’s no reference at all of assistance for Sony’s brand-new console – however to suffice to state that booting the game exposes an immediate enhancement, with increased resolution and tweaks to a few of the renderer’s settings.

The native 1080p of the base PlayStation 4 title gets a bump up to 1440p, a noticeable upgrade for ultra HD show users keeping up 4K output engaged on the console. The photo is still soft though, owing to a mix of a heavy post-process pipeline and temporal anti-aliasing. Image quality isn’t an advanced advance and no place near a native 4K, however it’s still a pleasing adequate leap over requirement PS4 hardware. Pro owners with 1080p screens likewise see the advantage of super-sampling below the greater internal resolution – though there is a disconcerting decrease in quality when the game switches to among its lots of pre-rendered cut-scenes, which stay as they were on base hardware.

Visual enhancements include 2 small upgrades – movement blur gain from more samples, providing a cleaner, smoother appearance. Shadow quality likewise gets a little upgrade, however it appears to be restricted to spotlight shadows. Overall however, the game’s visual cosmetics appears similar – though it appears that LODs have actually had a small tweak with roadway markings attracting at a higher variety on Pro.

In regards to efficiency, the unequal frame-pacing seen on PS4 at launch is now gone, changed with a requirement 30fps cap making use of adaptive v-sync – so you will see tearing when efficiency dips under its target. Pro keeps the frame-pacing repair and has no tearing at all, keeping up complete v-sync throughout. However, in the game’s most demanding locations, this does lead to depressed efficiency compared to the base PlayStation 4 game – something we should not be seeing.

Overall, Mafia 3’s PS4 Pro turnout represents a good adequate upgrade in general, though it’s barely a game-altering discovery. Clearly an excellent quantity of work entered into it however, making the total absence of signposting of Pro assistance in the spot keeps in mind something of a secret.

A take a look at Mafia 3’s PS4 Pro assistance, in addition to updates to the game’s output on base PS4 and Xbox One.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Resolution: 1728p to 2160p dynamic
  • Additional functions: Quality mode for 1080p users
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Most console titles run with a 30fps cap, frequently leaving us to question simply just how much horse power is left untapped at any provided point. Shadow of Mordor is comparable to Skyrim because a native 1080p discussion on base PlayStation 4 hardware progresses into a full-on native 4K on PS4 Pro. In result, a 2.3x boost to GPU power is producing a 4x boost in resolution – and unlike Skyrim, there’s no noticeable hit to efficiency. There’s simply one caution: a vibrant resolution scaler remains in play, flawlessly changing resolution from 80 percent of native to complete 2160p.

However, based upon our pixel counts, this title is investing the large bulk of its period at complete 4K, even in the middle of extreme action in the game’s extensive open world. It’s an exceptional upgrade for a currently outstanding game, and it’s not limiting its improvements for owners of specific screens. Two modes are on deal, created for those who favour quality and those who choose the resolution increase. The excellent news is that both modes are offered to all Pro owners despite the connected display screen – simply as it ought to be.

So what does the quality mode really provide? Truth be informed, the improvements are very little, primarily manifesting in a much enhanced draw range, decreasing the quantity of pop-in as you pass through the environments. However, the basic mode still manages this element relatively well, so the 4K resolution mode is our choice for this title, whether you have an ultra HD display screen or a complete HD TELEVISION (where super-sampling deals with much of the title’s aliasing problems). Two years on from release, Shadow of Mordor still holds up perfectly – and on Pro, this title is well worth reviewing.

While Shadow of Mordor executes vibrant resolution scaling, in real truth, it invests the majority of its time performing at native 4K.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection

We’ll get the problem out of the method initially, since it’s really rather incredible. The Ezio Collection manages a praiseworthy 30fps lock at complete, native 2160p on all 3 of its element titles – if your PlayStation 4 Pro is connected to a 4K display screen. However, we were stunned by the truth that if you do not have an ultra HD screen, the game chooses to bust you down to native 1080p – leaving Pro owners with definitely no benefits over base PlayStation 4 owners. It’s circumstances like this that actually highlight that all Pro applications ought to be offered to all users, despite what screens they may occur to own.

So what of The Ezio Collection itself – and the quality of the remastering on each game? Well, it’s an interesting chronicle of a 3 year duration of the last-gen age that saw extreme technological development. Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood reveal their age: the Pro’s beautiful 4K discussion highlights a few of the poor quality textures and low-poly environments. The 2 older titles – AC2 in specific – likewise look bad in regards to animation and character fidelity, particularly in cutscenes. However, it’s remarkable to keep in mind that Revelations still holds up rather well: there’s a clear technological leap here in all locations that would perform to AC3 and Black Flag.

Actual remastering deal with the collection is very little. Improving geometry and textures would have efficiently needed this remaster to develop into a full-on remake, however we would have liked to see aggressive shadow waterfalls and pop-in resolved. The technological limitations of the age are frequently on complete display screen here. The Ezio Collection is a touch frustrating, however it’s the neglect for Pro owners utilizing 1080p screens that actually rankles here. Why wasn’t downsampling incorporated as requirement?

The Ezio Collection performs at native 4K at a perfect 30fps on all titles. But it’s just actually Revelations that holds up in the current-gen age.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Resolution: 2160p checkerboard
  • Additional functions: Super-tasting down to 1080p, enriched visuals or opened frame-rate at native 1080p
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

The newest Rise of the Tomb Raider spot moves this title back into contention as one of the best PlayStation 4 Pro titles cash can purchase with great deals of love for both 1080p and 4K display screen owners. Patch 1.05 presented noticeable jitter by means of incorrect frame-pacing however this is repaired with the just recently launched 1.06 upgrade.

The requirement PS4 title is definitely gorgeous and designer Nixxes has an outstanding checkerboard 4K mode that shows simply how efficient this strategy can be. Unfortunately, bigger ‘center’ locations like the Geothermal Valley and the Soviet Installation can see frame-rate drops underneath the 30fps target. It’s not a substantial issue beyond particular tension points and total it’s still our favored mode for playing this title, whether you’re utilizing a 1080p or 4K screen. On a complete HD screen, the super-sampling application sees a substantial visual upgrade – bad anti-aliasing is the primary concern with the title’s native 1080p modes, whether you’re using a requirement PS4 or on Pro.

If you’re prepared to accept the sub-optimal AA, the Pro’s opened frame-rate mode sees efficiency touch 60fps in the more direct levels, dropping to around 40fps in the center locations. The difference isn’t rather our cup of tea, however we’re sure there will be others who will value it. The enriched visual mode keeps 1080p image quality however includes enhanced PureHair tech, much better texture filtering, more practical reflections, greater LODs, sun soft shadows and more vibrant foliage.

Rise of the Tomb Raider spot 1.06 sees designer Nixxes get rid of the frame-pacing problems included 1.05 – it’s now ideal back up there as one of our preferred Pro titles.

Farming Simulator 17

  • Resolution: 1080p/1440p/2160p
  • Additional functions: Enhanced mode for 1080p users with prolonged view range
  • HDR: No
  • Buy from Amazon

Having been shocked by a few of the more lazy PlayStation 4 Pro upgrades just recently, it’s impressive to see Focus Interactive’s Farming Simulator 17 – established by Giants – hand in among the most thorough Pro upgrades seen to date. We’d heard reports of simply how thorough this assistance was, so went on and purchased the game to inspect it out. Users of complete HD screens get the option in between a high frame-rate mode and boosted visual quality, while owners of 4K screens can select in between native 1440p and 2160p display screen choices. You actually can’t fault the designers for effort here, and the outcomes accumulate perfectly.

First up, let’s take on the complete HD choices offered. In basic rendering mode, Farming Simulator 17 acquire a totally perfect 1080p60, while selecting the boosted mode can see stress-points drop to around 55fps, presenting judder. However, both choices still handle to surpass the basic PlayStation 4 variation, which includes the exact same resolution and the basic mode’s visual function set. Of the 2 choices offered, we’d stick to the basic visuals. Draw ranges are pressed out in boosted mode, however it’s actually challenging to really see any enhancement.

There’s a straight option in between resolution and frame-rate when moving to the greater resolution display screen modes. The 1440p choice provides the very best balance in general, dropping frames sometimes however still handing in a primarily smooth discussion. However, 4K isn’t bad at all – primarily running north of 50fps however falling to the mid-40s in, um, crop-heavy scenes. But the point is that the designers has actually taken out all the stops to use option to the Pro user – up to a point a minimum of.

The one glaring omission is the absence of down-sampling assistance. Those 1440p and 4K making choices are just offered to owners of ultra HD screens. And that’s a genuine embarassment, as providing this choice would – in our viewpoint – offer much better worth for the complete HD player compared to the less than outstanding boosted 1080p mode. We’re confident that the designer can resolve this, however in the meantime, there are really 2 takeaways here.

Firstly, Farming Simulator 17 provides among the most extensive variety of Pro upgrades seen to date however possibly more significantly, while the game itself is clearly not a triple-A trip de force, we were rather satisfied by how thorough and polished the simulation really is – it even supports mods, tweakable field of vision and HUD scaling. And it’s quickly too, not simply in frame-rate terms however in its lightning-swift interface and – yes – the capability to immediately avoid previous introduction logo designs. Overall then, clearly Farming Simulator 17 isn’t basic Digital Foundry fare, however we entered into this one with an open mind and left having had a great deal of enjoyable.

Farming Simulator 17 has among the most remarkably thorough Pro upgrades offered.

In summary, PlayStation 4 Pro is a curious piece of hardware. At best, with titles like Ratchet and Clank, FIFA 17, Infinite Warfare and Rise of the Tomb Raider, we’re taking a look at a device efficient in handing in a practical 4K video gaming experience. Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to note simply the number of video games are being available in with a 1440p framebuffer. When we developed a PC with a GPU running to the PS4 Pro’s graphics spec, this did appear to be the natural resolution for the hardware, however we didn’t rather anticipate to see many titles appear with this specific pixel count.

That stated, it is early days for the brand-new console, and designers have actually been sharing their greater resolution strategies and innovations, so we completely anticipate to see enhancements usually throughout the months as game-makers end up being more au fait with the brand-new hardware. In the short-term, it’s likewise been heartening to see lots of designers take our criticisms about crappy efficiency onboard, launching prompt spots to deal with the problems. We’ll be keeping this guide upgraded often, so watch out for more analysis quickly, and keep in mind that we have a huge lot of extra analysis of Pro titles on the next page


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