Today’s Gamescom Opening Night discussion provided a take a look at a brand-new Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer. And while the video showcases a wealth of fantastic action and shooting, the huge takeaways were better takes a look at the 3 brand-new subclasses concerning the video game, each of which utilizes Stasis, the brand-new Darkness-instilled source of power that is showing up with this growth.

Warlocks acquire the capabilities of the Shadebinder, who appears to wield a personnel to fracture opponents with cold, similar to a dream frost mage. Hunters will handle the function of the Revenant, who appears to wield 2 kamas that they can fling at opponents and bounce off walls. Finally, Titan gamers can eagerly anticipate handling the function of the Behemoth, who appears to “hulk out” and develop a smashing fist that can be knocked into opponents.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is headed for release on November 10.

Check out the brand-new trailer listed below.