Season of Arrivals in Destiny 2 is ending ahead of the approaching growth Beyond Light. Out with the old and in with the brand-new, however that does not imply we can’t round off the present season with a bang, and with a bang, it will end with a brand-new live occasion. 

Upon the Almighty’s damage and the threat of Darkness ahead, Guardians have actually wondered about how Bungie will liquidate the present Season of Arrivals. Following an e-mail leakage that distributed formerly, Bungie’s Luke Smith has actually verified that an unique occasion is decreasing. 

The dripped e-mail checks out as follows: 

Be sure to capture the ending of the Season and see the conclusion prior to Beyond Light releases. For more info on what is coming, check out the brand-new This Week at Bungie now.”

The e-mail launched prior to it was expected to, clearly, which is something Luke Smith resolved in a current tweet. “We have a little occasion to liquidate Season of Arrivals,” he stated. “We desired it to be a surprise however an e-mail accidentally mentioned it! It’s nothing too crazy, just a little time to chill in the Tower before the Lights go out. See you soon!” 

Clever use of capitalization of Light vs. Dark aside, we don’t actually know what the occasion will entail. Last season’s end was a little bit of a wash. The event itself started almost an hour late and the payoff? 15, maybe 20 seconds of boom? Luckily, Smith is tempering expectations early by saying it’s a little occasion, so we’re interested to see how they end the present arc in preparation for the brand-new season that drops along with Beyond Light. 

What did you think about Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals? What are you most delighted to see with Beyond Light? Eyes up, Guardians, and fingers down; type those ideas out in the remark area listed below!