“The light and dark prepared themselves for a brand-new stage,” opens the Destiny 2: Beyond Light launch trailer for the video game’s brand-new growth, increase those buzz levels for Guardians delighted to see Variks and Exo Stranger once again. 

It appears like we have actually got to go conserve our young boy Variks as we “are all in terrific threat” … once again. Exo Stranger is being a badass, Stasis looks truly cool (no pun planned), and the war in between the Light and Darkness is continues to wage on with more threat, brand-new equipment, and even one specific character that numerous Cayde-6 fans have a bone to select with making his return … as a hero. 

Beyond Light will present more than a couple of brand-new faces, however it’s great to see old pals returning too. As is the Bungie way, the trailer is equally inspiring as it is depressing. It’ll also be a little strange coming to Variks’ rescue because that dude cannot seem to catch a break no matter what. 

Bungie recently revealed its roadmap for the brand-new Season of the Hunt that is on the method with the newest expansion, including more on changes to Trials with Adept weapons, new modes within the Cosmodrome, and the return of the annual The Dawning event now that the Halloween festivities are coming to a close. 

The team likewise dove into the brand-new Empire Hunts activity with Wraithborn Hunts, also in the Cosmodrome. You can learn all about what’s next with our previous coverage here. With Beyond Light just on the horizon and at least two more expansions after that in lieu of a Destiny 3, it looks like Guardians will be busy yet over the next two years. 

What do you think about the Destiny 2: Beyond Light launch trailer? What are you the most excited for regarding the upcoming growth? Shot out those Guardian ideas in the remark area listed below, even if you are an unclean Titan (joking).