Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now readily available and while general the reception to the brand-new growth is exceptionally favorable, there are still a couple of tweaks that require to be worked out. Bungie has handicapped 2 effective (and popular) weapons once it was found that they work a little too well with Europa’s arrival. 

The very first weapon to be removed is the Exotic Witherhoard Grenade Launcher. Powerful in its own right, this weapon’s performance basically exploded with Beyond Light. The problem with this weapon relates to PvP. It was discovered that when a gamer enter the swimming pool, the gamer is generally gotten immediately since the burn does not disappear no matter the number of dodges and dives happen. 

One user submitted a clip in the thread also, asking “Is this expected to take place”: 

While the Witherhoard has actually constantly been effective, it was never ever an insta-death. That stabilizing problem is an outcome of the brand-new material, something that Bungie is working to repair rapidly to get this weapon back up and in the video game.

The 2nd weapon to get the momentary cut is the Rose Legendary Hand Cannon: 

The Rose likewise was consulted with sandbox modifications, though not as extreme as the Witherhoard. The Rose was at first suggested to have a little nerf of 140 rounds per minute, however lots of Guardians in-game discovered it was still set at 150 rpm. This repair ought to be a fast one, and will likely be all set to release prior to completion of the week. 

As for the most recent growth itself, Beyond Light is now readily available in Destiny 2 for all platforms, consisting of next-gen upgrades. You can find out more about what’s brand-new with the most recent DLC to entirely revamp Destiny 2 with our devoted center here. Don’t forget to likewise take a look at our handy-dandy Season Pass and Season of the Hunt guide here to make certain you’re scoring all of that sweet, sweet loot.