Did you understand the PlayStation 5 records your microphone audio as it records your Trophy gameplay? One novice Demon’s Souls gamer didn’t – and just learnt through a terrific video that consists of a rousing cheer.

Redditor helloiamjack submitted the minute they beat the rock difficult Tower Knight manager in the Demon’s Souls remake as recorded by their PS5 – and the clip consists of a wonderful “yes!” followed by the type of chuckle anybody who’s lastly beat an employer after numerous efforts will connect to.

First time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from r/PS5

“I was getting so disappointed haha,” helloiamjack stated. “The last effort I in fact understood just how much simpler it was if I simply charged generally through his legs instead of attempting to run a broad berth around him and after that support. So much fulfillment when ended up however!”

The DualSense’s microphone is on by default – you can silence it in the PS5’s settings. And it’s remarkably good, so if you blurt a screech when you open a Trophy, well, it’ll most likely select it up.

If you resemble me, you’ll be enjoying your Trophy clips today simply in case they include any audio. Don’t concern, I’ll wait!

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After helloiamjack’s went viral on reddit, user SCOUSETOMO2003 took a look back at their prizes and, yes, there’s a good “yes!” after beating the Flamelurker on the 15th shot.

Seen a post about first time souls player not realising his mic was on… me too bro… this was about my 15th attempt! Didn’t know the mic was on at the end haha from r/PS5

So there you have it. Unless you mic your DualSense, it’ll get whatever sound you’re making when you open a Trophy. Just keep it tidy, eh?