The Cyberpunk 2077 launch was among the most expected launches recently, making its post-release difficulties all of the more stunning. From mismarketing to veiled evaluation constraints, even game-breaking bugs to the level where lots of felt last-gen variation of the open-world video game was something else totally, it’s been a turbulent week for the Polish business. Following a public teleconference that exposed more info about how little care entered into the pre-launch preparation, specifically for last-gen variations, the environment surrounding this video game has actually been swarming with stress and it appears like it’s the very same method internally, too. 

In a current report from Bloomberg, an internal video conference occurred on Thursday dealing with the continuous scenario, the very same day that Sony delisted the video game from its platforms totally. It was throughout this conference that a “annoyed and mad personnel” went straight to the board following another apology from management and, according to the report, a lot of the personnel were met unclear reactions. 

It was throughout this conference that the personnel aired their disappointments with concerns to the board and upper management, it was likewise throughout this time that the management clarified Sony refunds, stating after the PlayStation refund turmoil they have actually reached a choice with the business. Shortly after that, Sony delisted the video game with CDPR stating this was a shared choice. 

As the conference continued, the personnel asked about the extra hours put in leading up to introduce with the directors, and what the next action is, to which the directors themselves reacted with guarantees that they are going to “enhance” production practices, though they apparently did not define how. 

Another fight focused around one designer asking the board in concern why they informed the general public that Cyberpunk 2077 was “total and playable,” specifically now that we see the existing state of the video game and the subtlety of the earlier business call. The board reacted stating that they will take obligation for this deceptive guarantee, a guarantee that has actually been pointed out various times over the previous week. 

An extra team member apparently went for the jugular when asking if the board believed it was at all hypocritical when taking a look at the whole property of Cyberpunk 2077 being anti-corporation and abuse when taking a look at the existing scenario. Bloomberg does not state the reaction, however they keep in mind that it was “unclear and noncommittal.” 

As I’ve said on my own social media and many others have also stated on the industry-side, many of the issues with this launch are a direct result of mismangement on an executive level: setting unrealistic deadlines, making false promises, attempting to hide unfinished aspects of the game. Post-launch, it’s obvious to see that there were a lot of cut corners, but those cut corners are usually used not out of laziness, but out of desperation to hit the board of directors-inspired deadline pace. A game as hedonistic as this didn’t even have a basic epilepsy warning at the beginning, which is common practice with releases, and that was only added after we went public about a specific design aspect that is dangerous to both epileptics and non-epileptics as well. 

This isn’t the first studio to have mismanagement, but the many layers as to why the launch went so wrong dives into several deeper issues within many industries, not just gaming: Management not effectively caring for those that work under them, non-transparency with the public (though they did a phenomenal job at making it look like they were being transparent), and the refusal to make adjustments when certain aspects along the process no longer made sense (IE, PS4 and base Xbox One launch). 

The studio has promised to correct the issues the Cyberpunk 2077 launch faces, but it’s hard not to be worried at the cost of those double-down efforts. The board of directors needs to be clear about how they are going to make the work environment safer and better for employees, now is not the time for unclear replies. 

[Source: Bloomberg]