Remember El Shaddai? The unusual 2011 title mixed a unique take on trendy action and a dreamlike visual with a narrative greatly soaked in scriptural tradition. The cult classic has actually been caught on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the last years, however it’s getting a brand-new lease on life with a transfer to PC (through Steam).

There’s no release window for the port, however the main statement states the video game is coming “quickly.” El Shaddai’s story follows Enoch, a scribe who attempts to conserve humankind from an excellent flood by finding 7 fallen angels. The story draws motivation from the Book of Enoch, an ancient bible text that’s extensively omitted from a lot of scriptural canon. The video game’s battle focuses on a unique one-button system that gamers should time properly to start numerous combinations. Outside of fight, gamers pass through the vibrant, abstract world in breezy, direct 2D platforming. El Shaddai released in August 2011 to a favorable reception, with gamers admiring the stunning art instructions and special, structured battle. Years later on, El Shaddai’s developer, Sawaki Takeyasu, would go on to produce The Lost Child, a follow-up of sorts that released in June 2018.  

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner scored El Shaddai a 9 out of 10 at launch, composing “When the credits started to roll, I seemed like I took a trip to the Guggenheim with Charlie Kaufman on one arm and Timothy Leary on the other. Although the story provides a cohesive narrative arc, the particular digressive minutes of peculiarity, abstract level style, and well-crafted battle are the piece de resistances. El Shaddai is an uncommon reward of a video game and an event of computer game as an art kind.”

It’s constantly cool to see a cult timeless make a return like this, particularly considering that they don’t frequently get upgraded ports the method mainstream successes do. For more on the El Shaddai, take a look at this function on what makes it a cult classic.