Beautiful, dreadful arbitrarily produced poetry is concerning Medieval grand technique video game Crusader Kings 3 as part of its next upgrade, and gamers will even have the ability to abuse opponents into submission with the extremely worst of their verse.

Expanding considerably on Crusader Kings 2’s Poet characteristic, Crusader Kings 3’s effort will bring revamped statistics, character interactions, and, most notably, randomised poetry generation, indicating you can indulge in the digital ditties conjured by rhyme-loving folk all day.

Crusader Kings 3 – Release Trailer.

Poetry will be produced in-game by integrating a specific topic with among 5 overarching styles – love, tradition, grieving, strife, and incompetence – enabling characters to influence events with a catch rhyming couplet or two. Here’s one of several randomly assembled examples provided as part of Paradox’s latest blog post.

Poetically inclined characters can send poems to most people in diplomatic range, and the result will depend on the theme. A romantic poem will make its recipient like the author more, for instance, and a poem about grieving will likewise enhance relations however provide the receiver a tension loss too – presuming the content matter isn’t extremely inflammatory, obviously.

Perhaps most notably, nevertheless, poet characters can summon their inner Vogon and abuse their detainees by requiring them to listen to their extremely worst work. “As with any usage of the abuse interaction,” describes Paradox, “this can trigger an ugly quantity of tension.”


Poetry will be making its method to Crusader Kings 3 in the video game’s upcoming 1.3 spot, which likewise presents winter season as a gameplay mechanic and brings numerous other additions – consisting of the capability to use the pope’s hat – as detailed in Paradox’s latest post.

Crusader Kings 3’s 1.3 upgrade will be accompanied by the video game’s very first considerable DLC drop, which Paradox is set to expose as part of next month’s Paradox Insider livestream occasion. It’ll be airing on Twitch at 7pm UK time/11am PT on 13th March.