It all started with a single Reddit post. “You’ve most likely been cucked,” stated user MadHopper in an ominous warning to fellow Crusader Kings 3 gamers recently. “Don’t turn on debug mode unless you wish to see some dreadful facts.”

The caution was associated with a secret that numerous Crusader Kings 3 gamers have now invested days attempting to resolve, the concern being: why exist numerous concealed bastards in the video game? When MadHopper hovered over his kids in the video game’s debug mode, he found all however 2 of his 10 kids had actually been covertly fathered by somebody else. “That’s when I moused over myself: ends up my dad was cucked too,” MadHopper included. “My home is efficiently no longer came down from its creator at all.”

The discovery alarmed gamers who wished to guarantee their playthrough followed household lines, and who were interrupted by the concept all their allegedly genuine kids had in fact been fathered by somebody else. “Out of all the better halves my characters had I think it was simply one that didn’t produce any bastards or kids with contested heritage – the homosexual one,” Alastor composed on the Paradox forums. “I imply I understand this is the midlifes and everybody was having goofy sex with everybody all the time, however still this is a bit much.”

Since then, others have reported similar findings after diving into a few of their own video games in the debug mode, and now a neighborhood inquisition has actually started into what’s taking place under the hood.

Although I didn’t discover a lot of invalid kids in my own conserve files, I did find among my boys had actually cucked the other. At least they kept it in the household.

The more than likely theory to describe the abundance of bastards in these video games is that seduction in Crusader Kings 3 is quite simple, with some gamers arguing AI seduction is now more powerful than in Crusader Kings 2. Funnily enough, the dev group at Paradox Interactive has already dialled back AI seduction after testers were bombarded with lots of tried seduction plans when playing as female rulers. It’s possible that AI seduction plans are still widespread, and these bastards are the outcome of a great deal of secret love affairs. Just have a look at OccasionalBugReport’s court listed below.


Yet others believe something else might be triggering the expansion in bastards, consisting of a random in-game occasion that triggers a kid to be fathered by another. Paradox online forum user CobraPL noticed that their beneficiary had actually been genuine in an early save, and at some time the kid’s parentage had actually been overwritten in the code. CobraPL attributed this to the “disputed heritage trick” occasion, which triggered the kid to end up being a bastard in the video game’s code. Would this suffice to describe the lots of invalid kids? Possibly, as CobraPL stated the code permits deceiving characters to create fathership rather often.

Of course, maybe the only individuals who actually understand what’s going on are the devs at Paradox – however sadly they did not want to discuss the neighborhood’s debug findings.

While the concept of gamers finding they’d covertly been cucked is rather entertaining, some have actually argued the large quantity of infidelity in the video game is “unrealistic” for the time period. Others have actually even relied on user-made balance mods to switch off AI seduction completely. Personally, I rather like the concept of a Game of Thrones-level of seduction to spice things up. And although Crusader Kings 3 might tip into being somewhat impractical sometimes, sex beyond marital relationship was remarkably typical throughout the duration, even in Catholic Europe. “While infidelity was not rather as typical as basic fornication, it too appears to have actually been reasonably extensive,” says an overview by Brown University. “It was so typical, in reality, that by the later Middle Ages it was not even thought about premises for the dissolution of marital relationship.”

The great news is that, the majority of the time, you’ll be totally uninformed if all your kids are invalid… unless the secret gets exposed or you open the debug menu. Ignorance is happiness.