Specifically, Xbox One X and Series X.

Despite being a little under a month far from release, we have actually yet to see CD Projekt’s immensely expected Cyberpunk 2077 operating on anything aside from PC, however that’s lastly now altered thanks to brand-new video as powered by Xbox Series X and Xbox One X.

CD Projekt’s newest gameplay video covers a varied series of activities, displaying whatever from high-speed racing throughout Cyberpunk 2077’s striking rain-slicked city to quieter minutes of interior expedition, along with a couple of bits of first-person battle.

Throughout the video, which you can see below, the action cuts in between current-gen, thanks to Xbox One X, and next-gen, as represented by Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. I’m definitely no Dave Foundry however, so I’ll leave the technical analysis to the professionals, however it’s assuring to see Xbox One X, while possibly relatively shaky sometimes, still recording the atmosphere provided by its more effective brother or sister – even if we didn’t see much in the method of outside scenes on the console, and even if the gulf in between the 2 variations is most likely to expand significantly when CD Projekt releases its much-touted ‘appropriate’ next-gen upgrade a long time next year.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Xbox One X and Xbox Series X video.

Admittedly, it’s a pity CD Projekt chose to show the video game’s current-gen qualifications on the currently husky Xbox One X, instead of the base Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – especially provided advancement for the latter 2 makers is stated to have actually added to Cyberpunk 2077’s newest hold-up – and PlayStation fans will no doubt be a little dissatisfied not to see Cyberpunk 2077 operating on either of Sony’s consoles.

Still, with 3 weeks to go till Cyberpunk 2077’s 10th December launch, CD Projekt still has time to address any staying concerns and crank that buzz manage simply a bit tighter.