CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwiński has actually dealt with the occasions leading up to the dreadful launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in 2015 in an effort to describe how the video game’s commonly berated Xbox One and PlayStation 4 variations were launched in such a bad state.

“Based on [our] tradition of real and sincere interaction”, states Iwiński in a new video,” you have actually trusted us and pre-ordered our video game, and in spite of great evaluations on PC, the console variation of Cyberpunk 2077 did not satisfy the quality requirement we desired it to satisfy. I, and the whole management group, are deeply sorry for this and this video is me openly owning up to this.”

According to Iwiński, issues with the console release originated from Cyperpunk’s “big” scope – particularly the “wide variety of customized items, communicating systems, and mechanics” all condensed into a single huge city and “in a reasonably loading-free environment”.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Our Commitment to Quality.

Iwiński states getting all that to work on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would have sufficed of a difficulty, “however we made it a lot more challenging for ourselves by wishing to make the video game appearance impressive on PCs and after that changing it to consoles – particularly old gens”. Despite the considerable hardware space, the studio thought “things did not look very challenging in the beginning”, however Iwiński yields “time has actually shown that we have actually ignored the job”.

That evidence, naturally, began launch day, when significant criticism was instantly imposed at Cyberpunk’s popular bugs and dreadful efficiency, especially on base consoles. However, Iwiński firmly insists the studio’s screening “did disappoint a huge part of the concerns you experienced”, which the designer saw “considerable enhancements each and every day” as it got closer to launch and “actually thought we’d provide in the last day absolutely no upgrade”.

Iwiński likewise resolves the studio’s choice to keep console evaluation code from publications up until simple days prior to launch, stating that while the PC variation remained in good condition well in advance of release day, CD Projekt was “defending quality on old-gen consoles till the really last minute and every additional day people dealing with the day absolutely no upgrade brought noticeable enhancement”, implying console code was sent “behind we initially prepared”.

Cyperpunk 2077’s modified roadmap.

Iwiński notes that CD Projekt’s “extremely difficult working and talented” advancement group must not be blamed for Cyberpunk 2077’s dreadful console launch. “Myself and the board are the decision makers,” he worries, “and it was our call to launch the video game. Although, think me, we never ever meant for anything like this to occur. I guarantee you that we will do our finest to restore your trust”.

To that end, Iwiński takes a couple of minutes to information the studio’s future prepare for Cyberpunk 2077 on console and PC, starting with variably sized spots – meant to repair bugs and enhance the experience throughout all platforms – “regularly”. The initially of these is due in around 10 days, with another more considerable spot to following in the coming weeks.

CD Projekt’s long-lasting prepare for supporting the video game have not alter, states Iwiński, however a few of Cyperpunk 2077’s more significant post-launch material has actually now been postponed. Free DLC updates, initially prepared to get here quickly after release, now will not land up until after important issue locations have actually been dealt with, with more info anticipated “in the coming months”.

As for the extremely prepared for next-gen console upgrade, that’s now due to release in the 2nd half of the year, and a modified roadmap can be discovered in CD Projekt’s accompanying blog post.

“We are treating this whole scenario really seriously,” concludes Iwiński, “and are striving to make it best”.