It’s been a long time given that Bungie split from Activision, and the group has actually spread their wings in regards to what Destiny 2 needs to use. So what’s next? With Beyond Light, the group attempted something entirely brand-new and regardless of PvP issues, the total reception of how the story has actually progressed given that the Forsaken DLC has actually been extremely favorable with the neighborhood flourishing again. That being stated, the work is far from over when reclaiming the Destiny name given that its launch and with 2 more verified growths on the horizon, it appears like Bungie is practically prepared to share what’s next following tremendous gamer feedback. 

The launch of Destiny 2 wasn’t the most outstanding of launches. Bungie got an apparently limitless wave of reaction due to predatory financial practices, a viewed lazy endgame style, and a basic sensation of disconnection from the neighborhood as a whole. At the time of launch, Activision was the publisher for Destiny 2, producing a more complex relationship of the video game’s vision and conference particular lucrative expectations. The group, as an entire, understood this and a wide variety of factors eventually ended with Activision and Bungie dividing in a public separation and ever since, the studio has actually worked relentlessly to make great on their pledge to the neighborhood for a remarkable Destiny 2 experience. For one of the most part, they have actually done simply that, though there are constantly locations of enhancement and feedback that can either be neglected or carried out; this is mainly obvious in the present continuous discussion about the state of PvP, particularly following the intro of the Stasis subclass. That being stated, this is just the idea of the iceberg for what’s to come and according to video game director Joe Blackburn, the very best has yet to come. 

In the above tweet, Blackburn shows back on Destiny’s previous stating, “in 2015, I stated Destiny’s Best Days are ahead. Seeing what’s coming, I think this more than ever. But we have work to do to arrive. 2021 is going to be a little various for Destiny. Taking a long time to confirm our strategies, however anticipate a state of Destiny 2021 next season.” 

Bungie currently verified that there will be 2 more growths following Beyond Light, however more than simply story growth is on the method. One Bungie dev discussed to me formerly throughout a raid that he is delighted to show the neighborhood what’s next, particularly given that numerous seem like PvP issues are falling on deaf ears. He states that this is quite not the case however much of that context is still locked behind closed doors. Blackburn’s “spending some time to confirm our strategies” most likely consists of that revamp, making sure that whatever the group desires to do is practical to guarantee a smooth shift into the future of the area franchise. 

The present season is ending with Season of the Hunt ending next month on the 9th. Season 13 will come bearing a number of its own modifications, consisting of how tokens work, with future seasons producing much more modification such as transmog, how in-game benefits work, crossplay, therefore a lot more. 

The future has a lot capacity for where the Destiny franchise can go, whether it be a continuous extension of the follow up or a brand-new video game completely. From previous statements from Bungie, it appears like the group desires a possibility to actually see Destiny 2’s complete capacity, and with a firm instructions in location and a vision in the procedure of seeing fulfillment, it will be intriguing to see where the shooter goes next (even if we’re still weeping over that future not consisting of Cayde-6).