Following the most current reset in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Season of the Chosen, numerous gamers were questioning if the raid unique ‘Eyes of Tomorrow’ rocket was nerfed. Turns out, the remarkable weakening wasn’t deliberate as Bungie verifies that the concerns belong to a bug which the group is dealing with a repair. 

The Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher is a drop from the last encounter in the most recent raid to sign up with the video game, Deep Stone Crypt. It’s an extremely preferable weapon due to the advantages connected, however the current upgrade saw an enormous decrease in the power behind this unique. The weapon in its regular type fires out numerous effective rockets in one swoop however numerous Guardians have actually kept in mind that the damage has actually been significantly less. Given that the rockets themselves were rubbed, the concerns with the rocket launcher were complicated. Luckily, we have some clearness and Bungie must be presenting a repair quickly. 

Bungie’s neighborhood supervisor Cozmo required to Twitter to react to a concern directed at the group, asking if there was an upgrade on the nerf in concern. Cozmo reacted, stating “Just verified that any damage decreases to Eyes of Tomorrow were certainly not deliberate and the group is presently examining the bug.” He included for extra clearness, “Adaptive Ordinance just activating off of eliminates is deliberate, as referenced in the description.” 

In its initial type, the stock advantages made this rocket bigger exceptionally grind-worthy with its Smart Drift Control, Fitted Stock, and Alloy Casing. The capability to fire and track at several targets at the same time likewise makes it a monster to keep up, in addition to the Adaptive Ordinance, which was just recently altered purposefully. 

Players can get this weapon in the last encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt raid when taking on versus Taniks. While the modifications to Adaptive Ordinance aren’t a substantial hit with everybody, it is great to see that the other tweaks weren’t deliberate which whatever will be back to working order quickly enough. 

Rocket launchers not your thing? Sounds incorrect, however we’re not here to judge. Might we recommend having a look at the most recent acquiesce sign up with the battle? It’s quite extraordinary and loads an effective punch in its own right. Our own Matthew Miller broke down what he liked most about the most recent unique bow with his deep dive seen here.

[Source: Cozmo on Twitter]