Stonefly the distinctive brand-new job from Flight School Studios, makers behind the 2019 indie title Creature in the Well. The video game mixes 2 diverse yet naturally enjoyable components, armored mech fits and huge bugs, to produce a cool looking experience coming this summertime. 

Stonefly centers Annika, a young however fantastic innovator who is on a mission to recuperate her dad’s lost mech armor. To do so, Annika will need to do her finest Tony Stark impersonation and craft an insect-like fit of armor of her own. Doing so includes event products to craft into parts, which you’ll discover spread through the lovely, handmade forest. The sense of scale provides a sense that Annika is a little human in a huge world, as she strolls over street-sized branches and skyrockets over leaves a minimum of two times the size of her mech.  Or perhaps she’s a generally proportioned human and the environment is simply actually, actually substantial. 

Players utilize their fit to fight a range of extra-large bugs, who are starving for the exact same resources you’re attempting to gather. Bugs can be found in all sizes and shapes and boast unique habits and capabilities, needing distinct methods (like pressing them off ledges) to handle them. Players can likewise adjust their fit to check out various kinds of environments and environments, such as cold locations. In addition to story objectives, gamers can take part in exploration-focused side missions and timed obstacles. Despite appearing more action-focused in design, Flight School Studio explains Stonefly as being a “chill and tranquil” experience video game. Be sure to have a look at the cinematic trailer in the header up leading along with the gameplay guide embedded in the story to see the video game in action. 

Stonefly looks actually cool, and while it wasn’t ideal, I took pleasure in Creature in the Well enough to wish to watch on this one. Look for the video game to arrive this summertime to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.