Tireless Bloodborne fans have actually been effectively discovering cut material, an outright mountain of it in truth, squirrelled away within From Softwares’s code given that the video game’s launch back in 2015; and now among these at first excised deals with – the terrifying Great One Beast manager – has actually been made playable in a brand-new mod.

The Great One Beast is a cut manager initially discovered by Bloodborne sleuths Sanadsk and Zullie back in 2018. The set’s preliminary penetrating uncovered the creature – an imposing leviathan of red eyes and undulating fur, with a fatal aura – as just a partly carried out design.

Once brought back through coding and save-editing wizardry, nevertheless, the Great One Beast – relatively associated to the Nightmare’s Silverbeasts and their Loran Silverbeast manager variation, based upon its filename – had the ability to stroll its round Chalice Dungeon residence, taking a couple of upset swipes at the gamer character however not, undoubtedly, a lot more.

Now nevertheless, one resourceful modder by the name of Foxy Hooligans has actually gone to the difficulty of taking the fundamental structure initially discovered by Sanadsk and turning the Great One Beast into a fully fledged, and completely playable, boss fight.

“Those who follow the cut material of Bloodborne understand about the Great One Beast,” composed Foxy, “What is left in the video game isn’t much, low resolution textures and lots of attacks doing not have visuals. With this mod, you can battle this manager as the designers would have meant.”

Foxy Hooligan’s work will not be available by lots of considered that it needs a modded PlayStation 4 to run, however curious sorts can a minimum of appreciate the Great One Beast thanks to the mod’s accompanying video trailer. As we can see, completion outcome – available through a Chalice Dungeon – is an enforcing thing, efficient in introducing itself around the arena and of dumping electrical attacks effective enough to make its opulent hair stand on end.

Of course, as pleasurable a piece of remediation work as it is, it’s far from the only remarkable little bit of cut Bloodborne material to be discovered concealed within the video game’s code.

To date, modders have actually found whatever from a choice to murder a still-alive Maria in the clocktower to proof that, at one point, Annalise the Queen of the Vilebloods was to have had a familial connection to Maria and The Doll. We’ve even seen a variety of other excised employers, consisting of one based upon Master Willem, and a gigantic snake ball – and yet, amazingly, Bloodborne still does not appear to have actually exposed the last of its tricks.