Layers of Fear and Observer designer Bloober Team has actually revealed it’ll be providing gamers the chance to pack their faces right into the dank, haunted woods of its Blair Witch scary effort, when it pertains to Oculus Quest on 29th October. And yes, you can still animal the canine.

Blair Witch launched on PC and consoles in 2015, and saw Bloober taking its distinct brand name of surreal, spatially difficult scary deep into the Black Hills forest in Burkittsville, Maryland, where previous policemans Ellis Lynch – and his canine Bullet – sign up with the hunt for a missing out on young boy.

The outcome worked, if rather irregular, with Bloober’s beautifully climatic, derangedly looping woodland set-pieces skillfully catching the sense of being lost, separated, and exposed amongst the trees. Less fascinating, nevertheless, was its rather routine handling of Lynch’s backstory and going to pieces speed, especially in its painfully lengthy ending.

Interestingly, however, Bloober’s VR adjustment of Blair Witch aims to do more than simply push the initial experience into a headset. On the gameplay front, it assures freshly developed interactive environments, brand-new in-game occasions “to amaze and frighten gamers”, plus “extra encounters with the mystical forces that prowl in the forest”.

It likewise brings a series of brand-new functions and tweaks that benefit from Oculus’ movement controllers. You can, for example, snap branches, stack items, and straight engage with the environment – opening drawers, pressing keypads, and so on. It’s likewise possible to draw up your ideas on paper utilizing an “interactive marker” and, most importantly, there are brand-new methods to straight engage with Bullet, with gamers able to animal, feed, and play bring with their lovable furry friend.

Quite what sort of effect all this will have on the initial experience stays to be seen, however Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition will cost $29.99 USD (around £23) when it releases on 29th October through the Oculus Store. Notably too, Bloober explains its VR adaption as “preceding” to Oculus Quest, recommending it may make its method to other gadgets at some future point.