What is scarier than Blair Witch? Blair Witch in VR and the folks over at Bloober Team are all over it. Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition is a brand-new method to experience this haunting tale and it’s coming out in the nick of time for Halloween.

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition is a brand-new variation of the Blair Witch story from the polish studio Bloober Team. This experience was developed from the ground up with virtual truth in mind with the assistance of the twisted minds behind Layers of Fear. 

This story is greatly story-driven and intends to put gamers right in the shoes of the Blair Witch’s next victim, experiencing very first hand the worry that chooses understanding you’re significant next. 

When the Blair Witch initially struck theaters, social networks wasn’t what it was today. The marketing of the movie and the video cam design viewpoint had numerous audiences discussing that this might in fact be genuine. Obviously, it wasn’t, however for that time? The marketing was ideal and the story was frightening. Blair Witch quickly strengthened itself as a cult timeless and has actually generated numerous follows up and Bloober’s own video game that introduced in 2015. 

According to the studio, the Blair Witch VR experience will provide overall immersion in addition to brand-new animal encounters, a frightening audio experience, and enhanced mechanical components to make the video game feel more genuine. Players will have the ability to capture and toss items, stack items, break branches, set markers, and open doors, gates, automobiles, and even locks. 

Most notably: You can now pet the pet in VR. Yes, we understand, we must have led with this however we truthfully wished to conserve the very best for last. In VR, you can animal the pet Bullet to let him understand that he’s the goodest of excellent young boys while likewise altering his appearance. Think guard dog/best buddy satisfies style. 

You can even offer him deals with! Game of the Year, ’nuff stated. 

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition makes its method onto the Quest Library on October 29 for $29.99. This video game will likewise be making its method to other VR platforms at a later date.