If you have actually been playing Call of Duty: Warzone just recently, you’ll no doubt have actually come across – or perhaps even utilized yourself – the questionable DMR 14.

The DMR 14, a weapon contributed to the fight royale as part of the combination of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, is presently controling the Warzone meta. Dominating is too soft a method to put it – the DMR is thought about necessary to success, and it’s definitely all over.

The DMR 14 is a semi-auto tactical rifle, with increased fire rate and minimum recoil. It’s ravaging at long rage, preserving trustworthy damage to down opponents in a blink of an eye.

The DMR is so effective it can eliminate a team immediately, simply a couple of well-placed bursts of fire doing the type of damage other weapons require continual fire to accomplish. The DMR stands out at the type of variety you desire for engagements in Warzone, too – range enough to select opponents off without them having the time to respond.

It’s truly unplayable now. RIP Warzone Season 1 from r/CODWarzone

Warzone has actually had actually weapons thought about subdued in the past, obviously, however what the introduction of the DMR has actually highlighted is a brand-new concern within the video game: weapon balance knocked out of kilter by the combination of weapons from a completely various video game.

Black Ops Cold War weapons are, presently, controling the Warzone meta, which was something the neighborhood anticipated would take place. Black Ops Cold War’s MAC-10 SMG is viewed as the very best close quarters choice presently in the video game, with the Black Ops Cold War pistol Diamatti in Akimbo kind likewise a popular go-to.

As you’d anticipate, the memes have actually started. Here’s a bit:

Warzone adds 30 new guns, but there is even fewer guns to use then ever now. from r/CODWarzone

It’s not my fault! from r/CODWarzone

Cold War Season One from r/CODWarzone

When you run into a DMR user before you’ve grabbed your loadout from r/CODWarzone

A nerf is anticipated and I’m sure it will come, however there is a sensation Black Ops Cold War weapons will stay control in the brief to medium term. This is the concern Warzone now discovers itself fighting versus. With Infinity Ward proceeding from Warzone, Raven Software is existing custodian. As brand-new weapons are contributed to Black Ops Cold War for usage in the Treyarch-developed multiplayer, Raven is entrusted with making them operate in Warzone. In this context, weapon balance seems like a horrible task. These weapons are being made to operate in 2 totally different engines: the one powering Black Ops Cold War, and the one powering Warzone. Perhaps it was unavoidable that Season One of both video games would wind up triggering havoc.

While we await a nerf, possibly load a riot guard. Just in case.

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