If you have actually been playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, which remained in open type over the weekend on PlayStation 4, then you’ll most likely have a viewpoint on the brand-new Cartel multiplayer map.

Cartel is embeded in the jungles of Nicaragua where, as you’d get out of the name of the map, a remote cartel substance is housed.

As individuals have actually got penetrated Cartel over the weekend, one element of its style has actually triggered a fascinating argument: the bushes.

In the middle lane of the map, bushes are set out to supply cover and slipping chances. Visibility here is bad, and you typically discover gamers vulnerable within the weeds, shooting anybody who attempts to endeavor close.

The problem with Cartel from r/blackopscoldwar

On the one hand, there are some who dislike the concept that bushes must supply concealment at all, requiring the designers at Treyarch to make them items you cannot go through – or eliminate them completely. On the other, gamers are delighting in the sneaking about. It’s something that’s special to the map, and provides a various sort of gameplay. Tactical, attempt I state it.

Based on my time with the video game, the issue with the bushes is video game mode reliant. Domination, for instance, puts a control point by the bushes, which often develops discouraging gameplay when you’re confronted with gamers hiding themselves close by. (That’s what dynamites are for, I expect!) But I believe it’s a good location for modes in which the goal is on the relocation, such as VIP Escort.

Perhaps Treyarch might cut the bushes ever so a little, so they supply less concealment for bent opponents. Or maybe they might make the bushes wobble a bit as gamers move through them, providing observers a visual help.

For now, Cartel’s bushes are inching their method towards meme area, with some contacting Treyarch to provide a trim.