Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gets a brand-new 6v6 map early February, Treyarch has actually revealed.

It’s a remake of Black Ops 2’s Express, and it’s due out on fourth February.

Express is understood for its hi-tech train station. It’s an approximately U-shaped map with 2 train tracks looping around the primary hall. The focus is generally on close-quarters battle in the hall, however the glass ceiling suggests scorestreaks can have an effect inside. There’s space for some long-range battle throughout the train tracks. The high-speed trains bolt by the station on among the tracks, and they will eliminate you if you get in their method.

As currently exposed, Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam mode got the Sanatorium map the other day, and Zombies mode gets a brand-new map on fourth February.

Added to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone the other day was the Wakizashi, a sword that has somewhat much better reach than the basic knife however is slower. The Wakizashi is opened by means of an in-game difficulty (with the battle knife geared up, perform 2 completing relocations in 10 various matches), or you can pay out real-world money for a plan of the sword by means of the 1600CP Disavowed Assassin package.

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On 21st January, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone gets a brand-new operator called Zeyna who defends NATO. Zeyna combated together with Bulldozer and Russel Adler at The Pines shopping mall to remove stitch in the season one cinematic.

Here’s the main blurb on Zenya:

“This Senegal-born DGSE Mobility and Heavy Weapons expert has actually been a motorhead for as long as she can keep in mind. Growing up around the garages of her rally chauffeur dad, she jokes that she has fuel in her veins. Although she is a risk-taker and a little a wild card throughout seepages, Zeyna’s associates understand her to be the one you desire at the idea of the spear.”


Meanwhile, anticipate a snipers-only moshpit to strike Black Ops Cold War later on in season one. Fireteam is likewise getting an endurance mode (there will constantly be 5 bombs readily available rather of a preliminary set of 5 that gets decreased to a single bomb). Here, ball game limitation will be doubled from 500 to 1000. Treyarch stated this makes endurance mode a great location for finishing multiplayer difficulties.

And lastly, Treyarch stated league play is coming throughout the 2nd half of season one, although we do not understand how precisely it will work. Here’s the roadmap for the rest of Season One: