Activision has actually exposed all the brand-new material concerning Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Two.

Season Two, which introduces on 25th February, includes 4 brand-new operators, 6 brand-new weapons, the brand-new (and dripped) Zombies experience called Outbreak, 4 multiplayer maps, brand-new multiplayer modes, brand-new eminence levels and brand-new Warzone sights. The Season Two trailer is listed below:

The 4 brand-new operators are Naga (Warsaw Pact), who is offered launch week, Samantha Maxis (NATO), who shows up in season, Terrell Wolf (NATO), likewise in season, and Karla Rivas (NATO). Maxis, Wolf and Rivas are exceptional DLC.

Here are the 6 brand-new weapons: the FARA 83 attack Rifle (Tier 15 of the Season Two Battle Pass); the LC10 SMG (Tier 31); the Machete (in season), the E-Tool, a military design tri-fold Shovel (in season), the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow (in season); and lastly the ZRG 20mm sniper (in season).

The Machete, E-Tool, R1 Shadowhunter, and ZRG 20mm are offered through associated obstacles, or you can purchase an appropriate plan when it remains in the shop.


Now onto Zombies. Outbreak is referred to as the next chapter of the Dark Aether story, and takes Requiem into the Ural Mountains. It’s a co-op experience for as much as 4 gamers on a massive map, with lorries consisted of. Here’s the main blurb:

“Continuing the Dark Aether story, Outbreak happens throughout enormous play areas throughout the Ural Mountains, loaded with brand-new opponents, group goals, gamer benefits, and intel to find on foot, in lorries, or by dive pads. Whether its searching down elite opponents utilizing a satellite tracker, accompanying a Rover that discovers dimensional websites, or holding out versus zombies in a restricted Dark Aether zone, representatives of Requiem will require to finish these examinations prior to they can Exfil… or run the risk of getting in a Dark Aether website to a brand-new area for a lot more benefits.”


The 4 brand-new Multiplayer maps are Apocalypse (6v6), which is embeded in the Lao jungle, Golova (Fireteam), which is embeded in the Ural Plains, Mansion (2v2, 3v3), embeded in Havana, Cuba at the Hefe Mansion from the project’s End of the Line objective, and lastly Miami Strike (6v6).

Miami Strike is intriguing due to the fact that it’s a smaller sized, daytime variation of the initial Miami map, which is thought about among the video game’s worst maps. Hopefully the minimized size and much better exposure will enhance matters.


New Multiplayer modes consist of Call of Duty preferred Gun Game, Stockpile (6v6), which is a mix of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, and Hardpoint multi-team, a brand-new 10 squads-of-four mode that happens throughout the greatest maps in Black Ops Cold War. Multiplayer likewise gets the brand-new Death Machine scorestreak. This is the portable minigun from the initial Black Ops.


Now on to Warzone. Activision stated Verdansk will get a variety of sights to either find or check out. These advance Warzone’s story.

There’s reference of the freight tanker Vodianoy, which gamers had actually identified off the coast of Rebirth Island just recently. This ship had actually gone missing out on at sea, however is now heading towards the Port of Verdansk. “Operators within the area are advised to work out severe care,” checks out the main blurb, “as the ship is bring unidentified freight, and its team are unable to be called.”


And there’s something “starting to rumble” deep underground within Verdansk, although these brand-new areas are yet to be detailed. I think of gamers will smell them out right after Season Two launches.

Black Ops Cold War gets a rolling upgrade on 23rd February and Warzone gets a rolling upgrade on 24th February to get Season Two going. Season Two launches in between 11pm and 9pm Pacific Time on 24th February. That’s 7am and 5am UK time on 25th February.