If you, like me, have actually been playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alpha on PlayStation 4 this weekend, you might have seen sniper rifles are quite helpful.

I invested the majority of the other day night playing the alpha, getting a feel for the multiplayer part of the video game, its weapons and prospective loadouts, and it rapidly emerged that snipers were the go-to weapon.

They’re extremely effective, as you’d anticipate, however likewise have an exceptionally fast goal down sights (ADS) speed – much faster than the type of sniper rifle ADS speed we’re utilized to from current video games in the series.

The ADS on snipers is so fast – near immediate sometimes – that snipers are exceeding attack rifles even at varieties ARs need to control. The video listed below, from Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r, provides you a concept of how snipers operate in Black Ops Cold War:

It ends up the existing sniper rifle experience in the alpha is not what we need to anticipate from the launch video game. Treyarch intentionally rubbed sniper rifles for the alpha in order to assess their efficiency, and has actually currently assured a nerf for the upcoming beta.

“We rubbed snipers to assess their efficiency in this alpha particularly,” Treyarch’s Tony Flame described in a tweet.

“Sniper rifles WILL have balance modifications for the upcoming beta based upon our analytics information this weekend.”

The news has actually been invited by a lot of gamers, from what I can inform, although some have stated they will miss out on just how much enjoyable snipers are to utilize at the minute.

“I concur that it’s quite enjoyable, however it is simply way too simple,” said redditor ermahgerditsdaddel. “I’m not a sniper and I was still able to go off. They need to most likely slow the ADS time on the snipers a little. It’s nearly immediate now.”

I’ve likewise seen some Call of Duty pros contact Treyarch to leave the snipers as they are. I’m sure if you’re a dab hand at quick-scoping, you’ll be enjoying your time in the Cold War alpha. Nerfing snipers dulls the sharp edge of among their enduring tools of damage. On the other hand, it can be quite discouraging to be on the getting end of a blisteringly quick one-shot sniper at basically any range.

Still, according to Flame, the choice has actually currently been made: snipers are getting nerfed. So proceed and go, Call of Duty sniper professionals. The alpha is yours, however the beta – and the launch variation of Black Ops Cold War – might not be.