Out now, base video game presently half-price.

Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen’s poopy puzzle-based deck-builder The Legend of Bum-bo has actually simply gotten a totally free growth, presenting a raft of brand-new material together with some much required repairs and lifestyle enhancements.

Although seemingly a prequel to The Binding of Isaac, Bum-bo is a significantly various proposal, constructing its randomised dungeon-crawling action around turn-based battle with a match-4-style puzzle system at its core.

Unfortunately, regardless of some strong style and appealing discussion, Bum-bo showed up in a little a state when it launched in 2019, and lots of problem still stuck around when, soon after release, McMillen went radio quiet for nearly a year.

Legend of Bum-bo – The Lost Expansion Trailer

The designer lastly resurfaced last November with an apology and an explanation, appealing repairs and totally free DLC were on the method – and both have actually now shown up with The Lost growth.

As detailed in McMillen’s latest Steam post, the upgrade presents brand-new playable character The Lost, an associated brand-new tile type, 3 brand-new managers, and 10+ unlockable products. You can likewise anticipate brand-new accomplishments and perk obstacles, brand-new audio, the capability to conserve and continue your development mid-game, and numerous other enhancements.

“I understand it’s been a long dreadful year considering that this video game launched,” McMillen composes, “and I hope this totally free upgrade can function as a peace offering from us to you, the gamers!”.

To commemorate today’s release, The Legend of Bum-bo is currently half-price on Steam up until 12th March and can be bought for £5.69.