Destiny: Rise of Iron’s brand-new social area – the Iron Temple – has a variety of tricks concealed up its sleeve, however the most intriguing surrounds huge bells.

There are 6 bells inside the temple that, when played in the best order, unlock among the growth’s Trophies / Achievements, Sing the Iron Song. Here’s how to do it.

Bell order places in Destiny: Rise of Iron to unlock Sing the Iron Song

In the Iron Temple, increase the enter the primary temple entryway. From here there is a circular level above where the 6 bells lie; one up above where you get in, and the other 5 round the back.

Using this as a guide, the order of the bells are as follows – 1 is the one above you, and from delegated right from here dealing with the remainder of the bells, go from 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Facing from the entryway, the bells behind these statues would be 2 to 6.

Bell order to open the ‘Sing the Iron Song’ concealed Achievement / Trophy in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Now we have the order of the bells down, they require to be sounded in the following order:

1, 2, 3, 1, 5 – 4, 3, 2, 3, 1

You’ll notification you do not utilize the 6th bell – do not stress over that, it’s either a red herring or is utilized for something else totally.

Since you require to sound each bell in fast succession, there is no other way to do it solo. Ideally you’d have a gamer positioned at each bell, with somebody calling out the order (you can begin sounding the bell as quickly as you hear the last one, given that it’ll take a couple of minutes for the interaction to follow through), however it’s possible to have simply a single person do the whole row of bells if they fast enough. Practice makes ideal!

This video from Maka91Productions reveals the place of every bell and their order extremely plainly:

If carried out properly, you will hear a unique whooshing around and the the Trophy / Achievement will open. Why this order? This is the tune of the growth’s primary style, that you can hear here:

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What else does sounding the bells in Rise of Iron do beyond opening Sing the Iron Song?

Right now, not a lot; it’s hypothesized that might be more concealed tricks if you sound the bells in the appropriate order, and we’ll ideally understand more in time.

Until then, with the notes supplied, you might most likely other tunes if you and your Fireteam co-ordinated yourselves – so anticipate a lot of YouTube videos of that in the weeks to come…