The Battlefield 1 Scout class – which will generally be described as the sniper – is your go-to long variety alternative for those huge, open maps. In truth, Battlefield as a series has actually acquired something of a credibility for its sniper-friendly multiplayer, and if anything that’s increased in Battlefield 1.

There’s more energy than ever with the Scout class this time, especially in regards to reconnaissance for your group, and survival on your own, with the Scout making a larger range of gizmos than any other class in Battlefield 1. DICE definitely understands its audience.

As you’ve most likely thought, we’ll be taking a look at the Scout class in depth here, once you’re done make sure to likewise take a look at our guides for the Assault class, Medic class, Support class, and professional Pilot, Tanker and Cavalry classes, too.

Scout Class Loadouts – Sniper Rifles and Sidearms

We’ve set out complete information of the Scout class’ weapons – and also those for the Assault, Medic, and Support class – over in our total Battlefield 1 weapons guide, where we enter into higher depth on the specifics of damage, precision, clip size and more.

Here, we’ve created a fast rundown of what you can set your Scout class up with in Battlefield 1, in addition to our class-specific pointers listed below.

Sniper Rifles:

  • Russian 1895 Trench
  • Russian 1895 Sniper
  • Russian 1895 Infantry
  • Gewehr 98 Marksman
  • Gewehr 98 Sniper
  • Gewehr 98 Infantry
  • SMLE MKIII Marksman
  • SMLE MKIII Carbine
  • SMLE MKIII Infantry
  • Gewehr M. 95 Marksman
  • Gewehr M. 95 Carbine
  • Gewehr M. 95 Infantry
  • M1903 Marksman
  • M1903 Sniper
  • M1903 Experimental
  • Martini-Henry Infantry
  • Lawrence of Arabia’s SMLE


  • M1911
  • P08 Pistol
  • Mle 1903
  • C93
  • No. 3 Revolver
  • Kolibri
  • Marks Automatic
  • Bodeo 1889
  • Marks Automatic
  • Frommer Stop

Scout Class distinct products

Battlefield 1’s Scout class has some rather appealing gizmos, which most-accurately represent the complete stranger side of warfare throughout the First World War. Trench Periscopes mark your opponents for fellow colleagues, whilst the Sniper Shield is a great aid for providing you front-facing cover from other snipers when in precarious positions, and the Sniper Decoy serves as precisely that for sidetracking other snipers and approving you understanding of their position.

  • Tripwire Bomb
  • Flare Gun – Spot
  • Flare Gun – Flash
  • K Bullets
  • Sniper Decoy
  • Sniper Shield
  • Trench Periscope
  • Tripwire Bomb – High Explosive
  • Tripwire Bomb – Gas

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Scout Class techniques

The very first thing to keep in mind as a sniper – sorry, Scout – in Battlefield 1 is to change your zeroing range, displayed in the bottom right by your ammunition clip indication. It makes a noticable distinction to your precision at different varieties, which is available in rather helpful when you’re a class focused completely on one-hit eliminates from variety.

On the subject of variety, your range from the target is more vital than ever in Battlefield 1. Your rifles – particularly the ones readily available to you at early phases – can truly suffer at long variety, with visible variations in trajectory. In truth, the Scout class works best at longish-medium variety, instead of pure long variety – likely a precise reflection of the art provided the time duration, and quantity of gadgetry which enters into contemporary rifles’ precision at range today.

As for the act of sniping itself, you wish to discover a rhythm of rapidly identifying a target, scoping in, shooting, and returning out to bolt-action in another round, whilst hunting for your next opponent. Once you enter into the swing of it, you’ll be shocked by the success you can have – however do keep in mind that zeroing range when rotating in between varieties on the go, which takes some practice, too.

Finally, the olden Scout guidance: do not remain in the very same location for too long. Even if you’re having a big quantity of success, depending on the very same area makes you a simple target for flanking or other covert snipers. In the age of killcam, it’s likewise simple to discover yourself with a knife in the back as a vengeance kill from bitter opponents who understood precisely where you were. Take a couple of shots, then move, biking in between your preferred areas each time.