Battlefield 1’s Elite classes are an entirely brand-new addition to the series this year, with the Flame Trooper, Sentry and Tank Hunter pickups mimicing carefully what we saw with Jedi and hero systems in DICE’s other shooter, Star Wars Battlefront.

A type of heavy, specifically kitted-out super-soldier, the Elite classes are possibly game-winning when released properly, however can simply as much be entirely futile when played by somebody without much experience or instructions. With that in mind we’ll be taking you through whatever you require to learn about each class, consisting of complete information of their loadouts, weapons, playstyles, and counters listed below.

Battlefield 1 Elite Classes and how to get them

The Elite classes stand out from the requirement Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, and Pilot, Tanker and Cavalry classes in a variety of methods. Here’s whatever you require to learn about how they typically work:

  • The Elite systems are gotten through pickups, which generate regularly on the map, looking like an unique weapon inside a long rectangle-shaped wood dog crate.
  • Elite class pickups will constantly generate in a repaired place, for instance the Sentry pickup in the bunker under capture point B on Monte Grappa
  • The pickups will respawn 5 minutes after the last user of the class’ death.
  • Elite class pickups are frequently readily available right from the start of the video game, so running to their place once you understand it can nearly garauntee you gain access to a minimum of as soon as per video game.

Those information out of the method, let’s get onto going over each class and their releveant playstyles and counters.

Flame Trooper Elite class loadout, strengths and weak points

  • Primary Weapon: Wex
  • Weapon function: Flamethrower
  • Strengths: Close to medium variety versus infantry; unlimited ammunition; restoring health; greatly armoured; completely geared up with a Gas Mask; efficient in ruining surroundings along with soldiers.
  • Weaknesses: No indicates of destructive cars; limited sight from Gas Mask; no choice for long variety fight; slow-moving.

Flame Trooper Elite class playstyle and counters

  • Official description: Wrapped in fireproof equipment, a gas mask, and bring an effective weapon, the Flame Trooper brings with him turmoil. Stay far if you can, however if you discover yourself eye-to-eye with the Flame Trooper, you’d best summon your nerve, repair your bayonet, and charge into fight prior to he notifications you. One incorrect relocation and you’re most likely to invest your last minutes seeing red.
  • Playstyle: The apparent point here is to get up close and individual. Avoid open locations, adhering to covered paths like trenches and structures. Find choke points, and built-up zones like the real estate location on Sinai Desert, and utilize the network of homes to duck in and out of fight, recovery up when you do. Support him with a team of Medics to actually amp up his capacity.
  • Counters: Explosives like the basic grenades are extremely efficient, as are bayonet charges which will remove a considerable portion of health. Attack from several angles, and naturally keep your range. Heavy focus from cars like the Light Tank, Heavy Tank, and Landship can likewise finish an unsupported Flame Trooper.

Sentry Elite class loadout, strengths and weak points

  • Primary Weapon: MG 08/15
  • Weapon function: Heavy Machine Gun
  • Strengths: Close, medium, and some long variety fight; big ammunition supply; really heavy armour; restoring health; can fire through light cover like wood panels.
  • Weaknesses: Not efficient in gearing up a Gas Mask; not efficient in shooting from vulnerable; sluggish moving; reasonably weak at long variety; no ways of destructive armoured cars.

Sentry Elite class playstyle and counters

  • Official description: The Sentry moves like a human tank. With a water-cooled automated gatling gun at his hip and strapped in plated armor, the Sentry can shower opponent positions with lead while still having the ability to hold up against a great deal of damage. His primary weak point is his biggest strength – in order to maintain his defense, he avoids making use of a gas mask in favor of extra armor plating.
  • Playstyle: Although he may look like a varied choice, the Sentry is in fact finest up close, thanks to the hip-firing element of his heavy MG. Dart in and out of structures as you would with the Flame Trooper, however do not only wolf it, as appealing as it might be, as heavy armour does not equate to invincibility. At long variety, you’ll consume about half a clip, however regularly shooting at a target will lead to a kill thanks to the narrow spray of his weapon – it’ll simply take longer than up close. Always flee from cars as quickly as you see them.
  • Counters: Explosives succeed versus the Sentry, as do several snipers who can capture him visible. Gas is fine, however his high health indicates that the Sentry will likely simply stroll right through it previously much damage can actually be done. Use cars to focus him down when possible, or several grenades and dynamites of any kind from your team.

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Tank Hunter Elite class loadout, strengths and weak points

  • Primary Weapon: Tankgewehr M1918
  • Weapon function: Anti lorry weapon
  • Strengths: Capable of shredding cars; more mobile than the other Elite classes; can secure particular parts of cars like weapons and tracks; can rapidly neutralise Behemoths with targeted fire; weapon still strong versus infantry when well-aimed.
  • Weaknesses: Can just fire from vulnerable; lower armour and ammunition compared to other Elites; weak at close quarters and typically susceptible to basic anti-infantry techniques.

Tank Hunter Elite class playstyle and counters

  • Official description: The Tank Hunter has actually mastered making use of the 1918 Tankgewehr, an outright monster of a weapon. Standing nearly as high as a male, the Tankgewehr can destructive opponent cars over country miles. With a well-placed shot, the Tank Hunter can focus fire on specific parts of the opponent cars, securing the tracks, gatling gun, or cannons on armored cars.
  • Playstyle: You’ll wish to utilize the Tank Hunter as an anti-vehicle sniper. Find a safe area at long variety, and concentrate on securing essential targets that are triggering the most difficulty, like Behemoths, Bombers, or tanks on control points or choke points on the map.
  • Counters: You can counter the Tank Hunter in the exact same method you’d counter a sniper. Once found, either counter-snipe if you’re positive of your abilities, or slip up and around the back of him for a fast backstab, headshot or grenade. He’s likewise no place near as resitent to cars as he is strong at taking them out, so a couple well positioned tank shots will see him off.

That’s it for our Elite class guides, however for more information on their loadouts in specific we advise you have a look at our particular page on Battlefield 1 weapons, statistics, and gizmos, too.