As you begin playing Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, you’ll come across a range of consumables and currencies – Battlepacks, Scrap and Puzzle pieces – that enable you to personalize the method the video game’s numerous weapons look.

All 3 of these are interlinked, and with some perseverance and a strong dosage of luck, enable you some preferable skins and unique melee weapons in fight.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks – How do you get them?

Battlepacks return in Battlefield 1 as the main method to get brand-new weapon skins.

You get Battlepacks in 2 methods – by buying with Scrap and from a drop when a match has actually been finished.

The opportunities of you getting one at the end of a match is random; we’ve heard some gamers not getting any for a variety of hours, while we got our very first at the end of our 2nd match, so it’s a case of keeping playing till they begin landing in your lap.

When you get some Scrap on you (see more on that listed below) you can proceed to the Battlepacks screens (in the Options on the Main Menu) and begin buying them. There are numerous ranges offered, with the more costlier choices providing you a greater possibility of uncommon skin and other possible benefits.

The kinds of Battlepacks offered – referred to as ‘Revisions’ – will be frequently turned by EA to provide gamers brand-new skins and benefits with time. Here’s what you see at launch:

  • Battlepack (200 Scrap, skin of any rarity)
  • Enhanced Battlepack (450 Scrap, much better possibility of Legendary and bonus offer product)
  • Superior Battlepack (900 Scrap, Legendary ensured, even much better possibility of bonus offer product)

Remember there is constantly a possibility you’ll get a Legendary in the basic pack; we got one in our really initially ‘Standard’ open, so keep your fingers crossed no matter which load you break open.

Battlefield 1 Scrap – How do you make it?

Scrap is a currency that can be invested in buying brand-new Battlepacks (see above) and is gotten by taking apart weapon skins. Each rarity type leads to a various quantity of scrap dropped:

  • Special – 30 Scrap
  • Distinguished – 90 Scrap
  • Legendary – 270 Scrap

The method Scrap works eventually leads to a little bit of a chicken and egg circumstance – the only method to purchase brand-new Battlepacks is with Scrap, and Scrap just originates from taking apart weapon skins you get from Battlepacks.


So in other words, get matchmaking to get Battlepacks through play, and begin taking apart and conserving your Scrap for the Battlepacks you desire.

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Battlefield 1 Puzzle pieces – How do they work?

New to Battlefield this year are Puzzle pieces to open unique melee weapons. When you open a Battlepack, there is a possibility you’ll get a Puzzle piece for among the 2 weapons offered at that time

If you make 5 puzzle pieces for that particular melee weapon, it’ll then be yours for the taking.

To increase your opportunities of getting Puzzle pieces, then make certain you target the more costly Battlepacks that provide you a greater possibility of both uncommon skins and a puzzle piece.


Note that the weapons offered might be time-limited and turn with others on a semi-regular basis. At launch, the Bartek Bludgeon and Sawtooth Knife might be opened, and passing information leakages of the video game’s weapon lineup, it appears that more might be provided overtime.