A collection of Atomic Heart gameplay trailers showcases visceral battle and a couple of highly-detailed areas that you’ll get to check out. From multi-floored museum-like arenas to rich forests with deserted structures, Atomic Heart wants to provide blood-pumping action series within fancy, overblown setpieces. 

Mundfish’s upcoming open-world RPG is embeded in an alternate truth where the USSR has actually made considerable technological developments that press it years ahead of any other world power. You play as an unique KGB representative called P-3. Armed with a robust choice of guns and melee weapons, you’ll pass through the numerous environments to uncover the tricks behind the Soviet Union’s productions while combating a bunch of the wild experiments that stroll the land. 

The enemies revealed differ from cyborgs (they’re like a fascinating cross in between the ones in I, Robot and Alien: Isolation) to effective beasts. There’s that frightening monster that emerges from a hole in the ground that P-3 battles at the 5:25 mark, and the roaming bear-man-thing with the bloody head at the 8:32 mark is the things of actual headaches. Gameplay-smart, Atomic Heart advises me of the very first Bioshock video game.

After viewing the collection several times, I still can’t inform you precisely what the story is everything about beyond what has actually currently been supplied. And Mundfish’s clips do an excellent task of establishing an exceptionally odd environment and tone without distributing a lot of information. I can state that much of what I’ve seen looks downright frightening and certainly not for the faint of heart. 

A release date for Atomic Heart hasn’t been revealed however it will introduce on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.