Apex Legends continues to be among the leading fight royale experiences. Season 6 released in August and presented brand-new gameplay mechanics like loot crafting and long-awaited functions like crossplay. In light of these updates, lots of gamers have actually been preparing for Season 7 news. Today, Respawn Entertainment unveiled the Apex Legends Champion Edition which will be buyable at the start of the next Season.

The Champion Edition features 1,000 Apex coins for those people that can’t withstand lootboxes in addition to $100-worth of special cosmetics for your preferred characters and weapons. Additionally, the Champion Edition opens every post-launch legend – from Octane to Rampart – so that you do not need to stress over conserving up in-game currency to get access to the whole playable lineup. 

The Apex Legends Champion Edition is priced at $40 and seems an amazing method for brand-new and old gamers to begin the approaching Season. As of right now, there aren’t lots of information surrounding season 7’s gameplay or lineup modifications. However, we understand that, in spite of Season 6’s total success, it did leave to a rough start.