We’ve currently seen some relatively scary material based upon Fall Guys (I’m still attempting to forget the bean anatomy shared by the authorities Twitter account), and now there’s much more. This time it takes the type of some suspiciously long legs, and some familiar crewmates are taking part on the action, as somebody’s made a Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC mod integrating both Among Us and Fall Guys.

Made by TigerVenom22 and ToastedShoes, the mod changes all initial trilogy-era infantry with Fall Guys characters on the light side, and Among Us characters on the dark. Makes sense offered a choice of the crewmates are essentially eldritch scaries. They’re efficient in wielding lightsabers or utilizing Force lightning (on the dark side a minimum of), while the Fall Guys beans include a variety of outfits – among which has Rowan Atkinson’s face. I believe there may be a joke there someplace. My individual favourite is the very high General Grievous Among Us crewmate with 4 drifting lightsabers.

Why? I hear you ask. It’s a great concern – and one I can’t totally respond to – however it appears the mod was commissioned by ToastedShoes, who made a video showcasing it on his YouTube channel about a month earlier (a heads-up that there’s some sponsored material in the video footage). It appears to have actually been influenced by the abrupt increase of Among Us which numerous credited to the appeal of Fall Guys over the summer season, and a viewed competition in between the 2 parlor game. Although they appear to get along simply great on Twitter.

Just like Among Us and Fall Guys, it’s more enjoyable with good friends, and the mod was published on Nexus Mods earlier today for all to take pleasure in. The download consists of 2 mods, however you’ll likewise require to download the Fall Guys Hero Overhaul mod by NoTengoTortuga for all those lovely beans.