Limited-time demonstration now readily available too.

Alternate history RTS Iron Harvest will be broadening its project on 17th December with the launch of its brand-new Rusviet Revolution DLC on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Store.

Iron Harvest, which has actually been readily available on PC because September, unfolds in the alternate truth of 1920+, Polish artist Jakub Różalski’s war-ravaged world of picturesque European hamlets and smog-cloaked towns, where big dieselpunk death-mechs control the horizon.

The video game’s alternate history handle the much-loved Company of Heroes RTS formula has actually been usually favored, and designer King Arts Games’ Rusviet Revolution DLC will broaden its solo element (the base video game likewise consists of multiplayer) with 4 brand-new single-player-focussed, however co-op-enabled, maps centred on the Rusviet individuals’s uprising versus the Tsar.

Iron Harvest Factory Communiqué 20th November.

Iron Harvest’s Rusviet Revolution DLC will be totally free to Kickstarter backers and Digital Deluxe edition owners, and will be priced at €3.99 (around £3.60) for everybody else.

Those interested by Iron Harvest’s property can presently inspect it out through a limited-time demonstration on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Store, which includes an intro to the project, and well as a number of Skirmish and Challenge maps – pitting solo or co-op gamers versus AI challengers – and a taste of competitive 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 multiplayer. It’ll stay readily available till first December.

Iron Harvest has likewise simply got a complimentary brand-new mode, Drop Zone, which is playable on all skirmish/multiplayer maps in Ranked, Quick, and Custom matches. This sees gamers racing to collect Victory Points from stockpiles as they’re air-dropped onto the map, and more information – plus a couple of other littles news – can be discovered in King Arts’ latest blog post.