Citing blood and violence, it gets an “M” score. 

A ranking of the console release of Rust has actually appeared on the ESRB site.

Rust’s prepared launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for at some point in 2020 was at first revealed back in November 2019, however last month we found out the designer accountable for the port confessed had actually been quiet just since there had actually been no significant updates.

While it stays uncertain when the console port will be readily available, the summary on the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s website does verify that the port will not be pertaining to next-gen systems PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, however is slated to show up on Xbox One and PS4.

“This is a multiplayer first-person survival video game in which gamers contend to make it through in a hostile environment,” the summary on the ESRB states (thanks, Comic Book), which ranks the video game a “M” for Mature.

“Players check out the open-world environment, collect resources, produce weapons (e.g., spears, gatling gun, dynamites), and protect themselves from wild animals and other gamers. Players can attack and kill enemies in frenetic combat, with successful hits resulting in large splashes of blood. Players can keep shooting animals or humans on the ground (i.e., postmortem damage), accompanied by large blood-splatter effects.

“Battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire and explosions. When human enemies are killed, they can be harvested for body parts and cooked for food.”

Developed by Facepunch and released in 2013, Rust has performed well on Steam, with player numbers reaching a concurrent player peak of almost 250,000 just in the last 24-hours. It’s a game of complete anarchy and resource-grabbing, with highly aggressive bears and equally aggressive gamers.