Given the huge business success of GTA 5, it feels practically inescapable we’re visiting a follow up eventually, however that hasn’t stopped fans from attempting to check out tea delegates find out precisely when GTA 6 is going to launch. Once once again, fans believe they have actually discovered a recommendation to GTA 6 – and this time it’s centred on a dirt roadway in the middle of Virginia. That’s definitely a little off the beaten track.

The wild theory started when Rockstar released a teaser for the brand-new GTA Online upgrade, at the bottom of which fans identified a set of GPS collaborates:

Popping these collaborates into Google Maps or Earth lands you at Middle Mountain Trail, a deserted track in the middle of Virginia. Yet as kept in mind by Kotaku, fans believe the shape of the roadway is really an idea for GTA 6. The path looks a little like the Roman character VI, and this has actually sent out fans into a little a tizzy.

“I inspected it out, and it absolutely states VI on the ground,” stated user gloomindoomin. “It’s far from the release, however we got the very first apparent indication from Rockstar, so congratulations.”

I imply, there are a great deal of shapes that might be, however you can absolutely argue that’s a VI.

There are a lot of fan theories out there about GTA 6, however offered this one originated from a main teaser, it’s rather amusing to picture Rockstar might be sending out fans to scrabble around in dirt tracks for hints about GTA 6. Let’s hope it’s not simply a roadway to no place.